Thursday, February 8, 2007

So, Ghana whupped Nigeria's @$$! Since I didn't watch the match (don't think it was shown Stateside), I visited a couple blogs and websites. I finally landed at a blog I read frequently and it gave me an incredible description of the author's attendance at the aforementioned match.

If you have the time, read Nelson Abbey's post on the match - 'Ghana Obliterates Nigeria'. It is hilarious. Now, I must warn you, if you are Ghanian, you might be offended. As, Mr. Abbey has 'insults' for everyone, he called a Ghanian fan a "Somalian looking Kenkay soldier ." Now, I know that the comment will rile up some Ghanians, but sorry, after a hard day, it really made me laugh.

Don't forget that Mr. Abbey is an equal opportunity offender in this post. Therefore, if you are a Nigerian woman, tread lightly because a brief reference to Nigerian women as gremlins could make you very, very, very upset. Fortunately, I have dealt with this issue of attitudes towards Nigerian women ("I'M NOT REALLY ATTRACTED TO NIGERIAN WOMEN.") and have 'exorcised' the demons that can arise from such a comment. LOL!

So, read the post with an open mind and enjoy his commentary. Oh, please read some of the responses from upset Ghanians. The back and forth is simply priceless.

PS. - Is it Ghanians or Ghanaians? Only saw the latter option while using spellcheck. Quite confusing.

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laspapi said...

I think the word is 'Ghanaian'. I mis-spelt 'curiosity', in the link on my blog to yours. I'll sort that speedily.
Nice writing here.


Hey Laspapi! thanks for stopping by!

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