Friday, March 23, 2007

My husband is a certified cricket fanatic. Whenever the West Indies team plays the whole house pretty much has to watch. I'm not complaining, really. If this is the vice I have to deal with, I take it on gladly.

However, there is little to be glad about regarding cricket at this moment. It was recently revealed that the late Pakistani coach, Bob Woolmer, perished as a result of "manual strangulation."

Woolmer died a few hours after Pakistan lost a match to Ireland. Keep in mind that Ireland is new to the Cricket World Cup experience and Pakistan is one of the best teams in the world (ranked 4th, I believe). So, when Pakistan lost, people were very surprised. I personally was happy for the Irish, particularly as they won their match on St. Patrick's day (luck of the Irish, I guess). However, when a few hours later, it was announced that the Pakistani coach suffered a heart attack and later died at the hospital, many people thought the poor man's heart just gave out.

To now hear that his death was as a result of strangling and to discover that there is a possible mafia link, is absolutely disheartening. All this wahala in a sport that fines players for even looking at an opponent the wrong way! My condolences go out to Mr. Woolmer's family and all those who will miss him. As for those good for nothing people that are responsible for his death, Prime Minister Portia will have your hide for acting up in Jamaica during the sacred world cup. Wait until she sic them downtown boys on you, bombaclot! (Please excuse the expletive).

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Unknown said...

When I first heard the news of his death, I thought it was the shock of his teams loss to Ireland that brought about a heart attack but now I cant help wondering - Did his team really lose that match or they threw it or there is something dodgy about that particular game? So many theories - But I pray the truth comes out one day.


There are so many theories available online. Just talking to my in-laws will fill your head with even more theories. I just hope that they find those involved and bring them to justice. His porr family.

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