Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just confirmed that Umaru Yar'Adua has passed away. May his soul rest in peace and may Allah have mercy upon him. May his family be granted peace and strength to get through what must be a tough and trying period.

May God have mercy upon Nigeria because we are already a country in chaos and the passing of a presidential candidate so close to elections could spark further instability. I hope and pray for peace in Nigeria. I must quote General Danjuma who recently wrote, "[T]he wheel of our national progress that was steered from the edge of chaos is regrettably being pushed back to the precipice." This statement was made prior to Yar'Adua's death but I feel it is appropriate considering the current circumstances.

UPDATE: Sorry to fuel the rumor mill but just discovered something at Sahara Reporters. Apparently, Section 37 (1) of the 2006 Electoral Act grants Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) the authority to postpone elections indefinitely in the event that a presidential nominee dies.

The section reads: "If after the time for the delivery of nomination paper and before the commencement of the poll, a nominated candidate dies, the Chief National Electoral Commissioner or the Resident Electoral Commissioner shall, being satisfied of the fact of the death, countermand the poll in which the deceased candidate was to participate and the Commission shall appoint some other convenient date for the election.”

Now, considering the gossip in Nigeria that OBJ intended to extend the transition, the death of Yar'Adua could cause a lot of problems for a lot people.

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Nilla said...

I'm speechless...

May his soul RIP


I have no reason to not believe my source. He has pulled through for me oveer the years. However, I still do not want to believe that the information is true. It just seems that it has been one bad thing after the other for Nija and OBJ in particular - plane crashes, the loss of his wife, MEND violence and now, the death of a candidate.

Nija needs help and loads of prayer.

Nels said...

Damn. A huge shame. Especially for his family. So young.

My source is extremely reliable too. Why no official news though??

Makes no sense.


Mr. Abbey - My source confirmed as of 9:15 am, Washington D.C. time today (03/07/07).

As to why there is no official news, well, the cynic in me sees that as rational irrationality. Think about it, your candidate dies a few weeks before elections. You and everyone is will be scrambling to handle business - cover ups, official statements, plan the next move.

This stuff is so hush hush that even big media outlets (CNN, BBC) don't have a spick of info. None of the major news services have even mentioned his illness and flight to Germany.

It is a shame that there is so much mystery. It will only fuel more speculation and put whoever it is that runs in his place and eventually becomes President in a bad light. Anyway, that is the nature of Nigeria for you.

Nilla said...


I think it's still just a rumor, if no credible news source can verify it.

Hence I say may he recover in PEACE!

Phew, what a day.


Nilla said...

See Chxta's blog, there's an audio link of Yar'adua being interviewed by VOA I think, after the rumours.


@Nilla: Got a call about the radio interview he did. Thank you for informing me about it as well.

Thank God he is fine, didn't want to think of the possibility of his death and potential consequences.

Anonymous said...

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