Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Na wa for Nija, oh. Our newspapers and other news sources reported that Presidential Candidate Umaru Yar'Adua "collapsed" or is in Germany for a check up or is dead. What is the man's actual condition? Nobody knows.

Since he became the PDP presidential candidate there has been so much mystery about his condition. There is so much speculation, but in general Yar'Adua is said to have a "kidney condition". What exactly does that mean?

Anyway, so what is going on? Where exactly is Yar'Adua and why do we not know? If the man is trying to be president of a nation of at least 140 million, do the people not have a right to know the actual condition of his health? Instead of feeding the flames of gossip, rumor and instability, why were Nigerians not immediately informed about Yar'Adua and where he was?

Why did a nation with a grand history and tradition of adequate journalists have to find out about a presidential candidate's health condition via the BBC Hausa service? Do we all speak Hausa? Yar'Adua did not do an interview with a Nigerian journalist or news service. Oh no, he instead gave an interview with the BBC Hausa service.

And now, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (aka IBB, Maradona etc) is allegedly being considered an alternate candidate in the event that Yar'Adua is unable to run for president. Eh? Wetin? God, help us!! I just discussed Maradona's attitude towards us 'incapable' Nigerians in 'White Man's Magic.' How can this be possible? Babangida, the one who played a key role in causing our problems may now have a bite at the apple, again? It is a shame that all the people that Fela sang about decades ago for infecting Nigeria are still being talked about, but now as potential Heads of State.

So, here are my issues:

  1. As, I mentioned, were there no Nigerian journalists to whom Yar'Adua could have informed that he was still alive?
  2. Do Nigerians not have a right to know about potential candidates' actual health conditions?
  3. Is Maradona the best the PDP can do? Why? What about Donald Duke? Don't we deserve to have a leader that is inspirational, fresh and new, not someone that has arguably done enough damage already?
  4. If Yar'Adua dies before or after becoming president (we all know that the PDP will win), could there be a military coup?
For comparison sake, please consider the fact that John McCain announced that he will run for U.S. president next year. Are Americans not within their right to question whether his age, (he will be 73 in 2008) could be a detriment? I believe that it is fair to ask such questions. Nigerians cannot even begin to consider such issues because we do not have the information upon which to make educated decisions as to who should or could lead our country. Assuming that Yar'Adua becomes president and is in 'frail' or difficult health, how will he adequately address the cumbersome issues Nigeria faces?

I continue to be disappointed with Nigeria's current state of affairs and see this situation as another illustration of my countries madness. I would like to read one Nigerian paper that does an interview with Yar'Adua in the flesh. I would also like to see a report on the man's health. Oh, and I wonder why did he not find a hospital in Nigeria to take care of his 'situation.' Finally, why was the man flown out of the presidential wing of the Abuja airport. Is he president already? I guess it's good to know the right people, or actually, BE the right person.

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Nilla said...

Lets see what happens..


Yes, we shall simply have to wait this one out. I only hope that the man does not die because that could spark a whole new set of conspiracy theories.

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