Monday, March 12, 2007

I have Igbodr to thank for the hilarious title to today's post. She spelt out exactly what I was thinking with her statement. Her email to me was the third I received regarding Vice President Atiku and his busted knee.

It seems that this election is very stressful for some of Nigeria's political candidates. Every other week, we have a Presidential candidate flying abroad for emergency medical care. A few weeks ago, Buhari went abroad for a 'check up'. Last week, Yar'Adua practically 'died' from his kidney 'condition'. This week, Atiku Abubakar fell off his treadmill and was informed that not only had he messed up his knee, but Nigeria lacked the appropriate surgical equipment to fix his 'condition'.

With all these medical emergency trips happening, maybe Igbodr is right, we do need "fresh blood". It is clear that a few of the candidates are crumbling under the weight of strenuous campaigning. We probably would do better with a younger or at least healthier bunch of 'leaders - both physically and intellectually. I opine that we would definitely do better with younger, newer and fresher individuals capable of using their skills, experiences and ideas to properly serve the Republic.

However, even more than "fresh blood", we need more investment in our health care system. It is sad to see that a whole bunch of arguably rich, old men get to fly abroad (in the Presidential jet no less i.e. Yar'Adua and Atiku) when they need health care. Where do poor people go? There are very capable doctors in Nigeria but as was the case with Atiku's busted knee, they lack some of the equipment necessary to further their profession and honor the Hippocratic Oath.

I hope that these 'leaders' and others will be embarrassed as I am embarrassed about getting calls asking why our politicians keep going abroad to see doctors. I hope that they will be spurred to invest in the nation's health system. After all, we can't all fly to Germany, the U.K. or some other place with better equipment, now can we?

In honor of all the 'mature' folks, I am posting the recent performance of legendary Soca artist Arrow. He just performed at the 2007 Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony in Jamaica on March 11th. Not familiar with his name? Well, I know you are familiar with his hit "Feeling hot, hot, hot!" The man is definitely old but put all the young performers to shame as he wound his body thoroughly and got down during his performance. Old folk can do it! Our politicians and particularly, those trying to become president of the madhouse that is Nigeria, need to get it together!

Arrow performing his legendary hit "Hot! Hot! Hot!"

Oh by the way! Good luck West Indies!!!!! Hope you win the tournament!

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