Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There is another twist to the upcoming presidential elections. Today, the Supreme Court finally rendered its decision and declared that INEC "has no powers whatsoever to disqualify any candidate from the general elections." (The Guardian).

The Court's decison was unanimous, however, its reasons were not shared. The Court will provide its reasoning on June 29th. Nevertheless, this judgment settles the inconsistency between the earlier rulings issued by the Federal High Court in Abuja and the court of appeals. Consequently, INEC announced that it will honor the Court's decision. One can only hope that the Federal Government and the Big Boys will also respect this decision.

So, what's next? INEC's Chariman, Professor Maurice Iwu, was quoted as saying that "[w]e did make contingency plans to have the photographs and logos of the candidate in our ballot papers" which suggests that INEC has a plan to get the ballots modified or reprinted within a short period of time.

Only a few days to go and anything can happen....

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