Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It has been a while since I have spotlighted a Nigerian song and/or artist. I have been focused on politics and its implications for Nigerian society.

Now that the elections are finally over, I am avoiding putting down my thoughts about the process. Fortunately, I found a song to spotlight and will focus on this rather than the negative thoughts I have stirring in my head post election.

So, here is Tu Face's "For instance". I first got to see a 20 second clip on Naija Vixen's blog a long time ago and a recent visit to Bella Naija's blog let me know that the entire version of the song is available online.

I must warn you, you might not care much for the video. It appears to be animated/simulated. So, you don't actually see Tu Face in the video. In order to give you a clue as to what he looks like, I will include an additional video of his, "Ole", for your viewing pleasure.

"For instance" speaks to the current situation in Nigeria and illustrates the disillusionment of its youth. Tu Face, thankfully, acts as a mouthpiece for all concerned Nigerians about 'our situation'. It is always refreshing to see our artists attack the hard issues that are Nigeria and Tu Face has done so beautifully in this song. Enjoy.

Here is a video for his song "Ole", as promised. It is a beautiful song about getting one's heart broken. I also like the video.

Does anyone know if a video was ever made for King Sunny Ade's song, "Ja Funmi"? Have been searching. I wouldn't even mind a link to the vocals. Please help, if you can. I would love to spotlight this classic song and artist.
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Naija Vixen said...

first!shame Tuface had to jump on the bandwagon for animated videos, because the video doesnt do justice to the song which is beautiful and speaks bout the troubled times in our land...I cant remember ever seeing a video for Ja Funmi...*deep in thought*

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