Thursday, April 19, 2007

Waffarian women are protesting the results of last weekend's state elections. According to The Gaurdian, Warri women, like women in Imo and Ondo states only 24 hours earlier, hit the streets half naked.

For those who know anything about Nigerian culture, it is practically an abomination for our elderly mothers to show their nakedness. As such, women have challenged various situations and happenings by threatening to, and actually, walking the streets naked. Such protests have worked in the past, but we are yet to see if it will work now.

To read up on the story, please click here.

UPDATE: Nigerian mother's continue to use 'naked protest' in response to pilitical incidents. Please read The Female Body & Political Protest.

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Dami said...

hope it works this time around,some politicians dont realy care about culture anymore- the national cake is just too big.

the edo state election was very annoying, my friend told me no one voted for pdp! they must not gree o!!

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