Sunday, April 15, 2007

State elections took place yesterday and unfortunately, there was violence. There were reports of approximately 52 deaths.

Ballots were stolen in broad daylight at various polling stations. Some state polls were even declared null and void as a result of violence and serious irregularities such as the presence of children waiting in line to vote.

Although things did not go as smoothly as possible, we must all thank God that the first half of this year's voting process is over. We must also take the time to remember those who lost their lives in pre-election and election day violence. Finally, we must pray for an end to all future election-related violence and have faith that things will improve in Nigeria.

No matter the dark spots, these are interesting times and we must remain optimistic for the possible entrenchment of democratic practices in a nation that has known little but dictatorships and excessive misrule. Although we are yet to cross the finish line, the fact that we are still in the race, no matter how slow we are, should be reason to rejoice. We will get there eventually.


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