Saturday, April 14, 2007

Source: The Nigerian Tribune website.

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Naija Vixen said...

you know!everone with their private army...lets just see the presidential elections....i just know pple shuldnt bother voting anymore as they know who they are going to put in...sad situations.

Nilla said...


About the NDS, Do you mind if I move your post to the 27th of April?
I'm asking because Mypenmypaper's post is long, and I wanted to leave it up there for 2 weeks instead of the regular 1 week.
But if your post is on a topic that needs to be heard/read this week, that's fine.....I'll just repost a link for his blog on the 27th.

Have a wonderful day!


@ Ms. Vixen: Yes, we all have to wait on the Presidential elections. I can only hope that the violence will be muted. That being said, we still have to vote, my sister. Even if there is a fear that the elections will not be fair. Ayer all, why else do we have the right to vote, if not to exercise it, right? Keep your head up sister, things will work out in Obodo Nigeria. You know Nija folks have a way of always weathering the storm.

@ Nilla: The 27th works fine for me. Thanks!

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