Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It seems that with Atiku now in the running, the opposition parties believe they can knock out the PDP in the polls this coming weekend. Apparently, opposition parties are trying to get Buhari to step down so the opposition can unite behind Atiku and hopefully take advantage of a sympathy vote from voters.

Unfortunately for them, they were unable to agree. The main issue of discontent seems to be whether or not to boycott the Presidential elections, with Buhari said to be opposed to the idea. Supporters of the boycott want assurances from INEC that the polls will be fair. The Nigerian Bar Association, despite criticizing INEC's performance in the state elections, is imploring all Nigerians to participate in this weekend's polls.

In other news, there is an increasing amount of tension in Kano following the death of a cleric last week. On Tuesday, militants attacked a police station killing the Divisional Police Officer and his wife among many others in retaliation for the clerics murder.

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