Friday, May 18, 2007

My people, our brother, Omodudu, recently noted that he wondered whether Nigerian bloggers could have an impact on our elections. Well, the elections have thankfully come and gone, but I still believe that we as a community of bloggers can still make a statement.

As such, I am drafting a short 'manifesto' that will be posted on day Tuesday for anyone that wants to then put it up on their blog or email it to friends. It is a statement reflecting our disappointment over the recent polls and expressing our expectations in the future.

I hope that you will participate in making a statement on the 29th. If you choose not to use the 'manifesto', please take that day to blog about Nigeria and please simply title your post NIGERIA.

So, my people, let us join together to show our rulers and leaders that we are watching, that they are accountable to the people and that we will not let them forget.


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TheAfroBeat said...

GRRREAT IDEA!! Will be back on the 21st!


Hey Misan, thanks for stopping by. Also, please don't forget to let others know and please, do come back on the 21st and whenever else you wish....

laspapi said...

Thank you for stopping by on the issue of the book, Solo'delle' Hope to hear from you again in that regard.
The statement to express displeasure at the elections is a good idea.

? said...

Sounds like an interesting idea to me. Hope to see you around

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