Thursday, June 14, 2007

Brazil's latest celebrity is a reality tv show highlighting the federal police force. Over recent weeks, cameras have followed the police as they document corruption and arrest offenders. By offenders, I am talking about judges taking bribes and congressmen "arranging the purchase of ambulances at inflated prices." (Source: The Economist) Can you imagine a similar show in Nigeria.

Before you start wondering, I do not believe that such a show is coming to Nigerian television sets anytime soon. But I am quite sure that if it did, 'Corruption TV' would definitely be a ratings hit! It could also help stem corruption. However, such a program would probably require the cooperation of so many various organizations such as the Nigerian police, the EFCC (or other anti-graft agencies), the courts and state and federal governments, to say the least. Getting those many 'parts' involved could be taxing especially in a country where the rot is entrenched in every layer of society. The producers of such a show would have to worry that everyone, from a high ranking police official, to a lowly desk clerk could blow the operation with the receipt of a small bribe from 'interested parties'.

Nevertheless, I would pay good money to watch 'Corruption TV' if anyone ever dared to produce it. I think that by putting a face to the nameless pilferers would do Nigeria good. However, anyone who would attempt such an enterprise would need 'balls of steel'. To have such a show in Nigeria could prove costly and I am not talking about money.

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יש (Yosh) said...

That'd be so expensive to do in Naija...based on who's gonna be looking for your skin.

I heard an incident where some policemen accosted a superior who was in mufti. When it got to the routine "roger" part, the guy stiffened and there was an exchange...when they found out that his identity, cos he had some b'guards with him, they got violent and fled.

Let's not even mention Naija's godfather politics where the opposition is silenced as much as possible. But sure, it'd be good stuff.

Chxta said...

In all honesty, given Brazil's own corruption problems, I doubt that the show is a true reflection of anything. Such a show anywhere on the planet would be almost impossible to be real.

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