Sunday, June 3, 2007

The United States House of Representatives will hold hearings on the recent Nigerian elections this Thursday, June 7th, 2007. Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), Wole Soyinka and others has been invited to participate.

The hearings will be sponsored by the Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health which is led by Congressman Donald Payne. It is entitled 'Nigeria at a Crossroads'.

To read more, please click here. (Source: Nigeria's Daily Independent Newspaper).

Please view a copy of the Hearing announcement.

I have decided to reserve my comments, for now.

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Beauty said...

Our people are not free to think about choice, let alone make it. We knew these elections were won before the polls opened and that is not so bad. My concern is simply, the idea that any one person can change the rot that took over 40 years to take hold is erroneous. Most of us do not even care about who the all powerful chief executive is.

The state of being completely subject to someone more powerful is still widespread and the people have been conditioned to servitude and as such hail the next person that brings the "cola".

Cancelling the elections will not solve our problems, nor condeming and criticising all the jokers that took part in it. The hearings will not address our nation's problems either, the huge amount of effort required to turn things around are yet to be addressed.

A solution out of several to our problems would be for the EU and USA to cancel visas to all Nigerian public officials for 24months until they have shown measurable benefits to their citizens in terms of basic infrastructures like schools, universities, roads, basic medical care, water, public transport, security, and life and power generation.

TAt least, it has not been tried.

Admin UD said...

The duo of Soyinka and TMG is enough to wreck havoc to any isgivings the American govet have that the elections were 'ok'

I've started suspecting Yaradua already with his chargin EFCC not to arrest any former governor 'already indicted'


Beauty: I like your suggestion about the visas, it could act as a way to warn politicians that the world is watching and waiting for improvements.

Would like your permission to use your suggestion in a post that will be up tomorrow...

Beauty said...

Your success and mention in the BBC was our inspiration to post here. Thank you for sharing.

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