Friday, July 27, 2007

Olutosin Oduwale, a 22 year old student at Southern Illinois University, was charged with making a terrorist threat on Wednesday July 25th.

Oduwale, a fraternity president and aspiring rapper ordered a shipment of semi-automatic weapons online and threatened a repeat of the murderous rampage that occurred at Virginia Tech recently. Oduwale has previously faced charges on theft and fraud in the past and his bail for this terrorist charge has been set at over $1 million.

Those who know him have stated that this is all a misunderstanding and that the paper on which the threatening message was found contained rap lyrics.

I have no words but will wait to learn more about this case. I can, however, say 'Na wa oh!'

PS: Thanks to DEE for the link to this story.

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FO said...

Chei! Wetin carry naija boy go there?

Anyway, they may blame it on rap music, and bad lyrics but his actions warrant suspicions? Has he denied having something to do with the weapons? Is he being framed? Why? And by whom?


i don't think he denied his connection to the weapons. he apparently ordered them and his order can be traced to him, personally.

we'll have to see what happens. given his criminal history he's in or a tough time

MamaBomboy said...

hmmmm... the man is black. And sometimes thats all it takes to tilt the scales of justice.

Americans do not play with any kind of terrorism these days. Even rapping about it may bring you undue attention.

I am surprised this bloke left his common sense at home.

Good luck to him... he is going to need it.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Sad, he has runnied his future.

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