Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MASSOB's Innocent Orji now has a hefty price on his head - N1 million to be exact. Last week Tuesday, the Nigerian government announced that it was willing to pay any individual who can provide information that will lead to his arrest and capture.

The self styled 'General' of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) is alleged to have been responsible for the kidnapping of two Chinese nationals, Mr. Niu Quiquiang and Shenyi Feng as well as an Nnewi businessman, Chief Pius Ogbuawa, in Nnewi.

Something tells me he will be turning up he will turn up healthy and hearty if ever found. That bounty will be far too hard to resist.

I am of the opinion that secessionists should be arrested, tried and if found guilty, sent to prison. I therefore do not need to expound upon my thoughts on this issue. If, however, you are wondering how I feel, please feel free to peruse my thoughts in BIAFRA and BIAFRA CONTINUED.

Chxta wrote an interesting post that touched on the subject of secession. Although long, it makes for a good read, and the comments are charged and interesting.

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Femme said...

yikes! when did massob start kidnapping?
meanwhile i think u should have found a picture of 'innocent' so that i could be on the look out.
secessionists being tried is a bit extremist. its only another opinion as long as its peaceful.sounds like a contradiction but its been known to happen.
i see u and kwenu in a romance of sorts.
goodluck with that

Marin said...

Na wa o! anyway, I like your new blog design.

Waffarian said...

I million was too much na! haba! abeg, they should use that money for part of our road in warri!

uknaija said...

Kidnapping should be dealt with I accept- not sure about the agitation

Chxta said...

Thanks for the heads up. As you rightly pointed out, the comments are charged. I guess the reason is that our people simply hate hearing anything that places the blame in their direction.

O well, we can only push on. Don't let Kwenu get you down...

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