Saturday, September 29, 2007

This is simply a spoof, but I swear that it reflects the lack of understanding about Nigeria (and other countries) in Western media.

In The Know: Situation In Nigeria Seems Pretty Complex

Thanks Uju for the link!

This next clip is on Africa. How do you feel about this one?

In The Know: Is Our Wealth Hurting AfricaĆ¢��s Feelings?

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UndaCovaSista said...

Lol. There's a link to this on Naijablog also. And your right, the Western Media does not have a clue about Nigeria, or indeed Africa as a whole.

What really gets my goat is when they lump the whole continent together as a single entity by lazily referring to a specific country as 'Africa'.

Don Thieme said...

Uh.... uh.... the second one?

Omodudu said...

On point...but really why doesthe West have to care about Africa, besides being a source natural resource. Only Africans have an incentive to care.

Don Thieme said...

I think that Americans have several reasons for caring about Africa. In addition to being a source of natural resources, Africa has also been at times a source of migrants. Some were carried on trading ships and some are refugees of political conflicts.

In all cases, there have been great positive contributions to our nation from African migrants. But there are also stresses associated with the larger migration episodes.

We also have many missionaries and medical workers who find working in Africa both challenging and rewarding. Finally, of course, there is the music.

Femme said...

i never laugh at comedy that belittles other countries because its so obvious it will be mine one day.

america generates enough enemies via comedy alone.

and like omodudu said why should they care. our leaders need to be flogged.

Unknown said...

Come on guys...the Onion media network (print and online publications) features fake news, jokes and satire, that is their line of business. The video, though distasteful, shouldn't be taken serious.

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