Thursday, October 25, 2007

The title of this post speaks for itself. For details, read more here.

Something tells me that the POLITICAL BOXING MATCH is simply between rounds. After a vicious Mortal Combat Session in the House of Representatives, the death of an Etteh supporter, the delay of decisions on next year's budget and the general halt to most business by our elected officials, Mrs. Patricia Etteh decided to resign.

Personally, I think she should have done this much earlier. The Integrity Group (commissioned to investigate the contract that led to the Ettehgate scandal) determined over a week ago that she was guilty of fraud. At that point, Etteh should have accepted responsibility, acknowledged fault, and put as much strategic spin on the 'palava' (problem) to dampen the sting to her reputation. Instead, she encouraged tribalism by alleging that the 'accusations' against her where attacks on Yorubas. She then allowed her supporters to allege that the 'accusations' were part of a "political vendetta". After that, her supporters than began to accuse members of the Integrity Group of graft - claiming that some had attempted to bribe Mrs. Etteh for prime positions on prime committees. Of course, no specific names were mentioned and although they alleged that they would release such names in the immediate future, their 'Madam' has now resigned. At every turn, this woman did the wrong thing! Her behavior and that of her various supporters illustrates a lack of political shrewdness and savvy that if applied could have saved us Nigerians a lot of embarrassment and unnecessary noisemaking.

I am glad that she resigned. It is a shame that the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives had to go down in flames the way she did. The next time and woman attempts to do something big, I am sure that unfortunate comparisons to Etteh will surface. That is just the nature of the beast. I am also glad that Yardy did not publicly intervene in this mess. Dami specifically cautioned against that course of action in a comment to an earlier post and I second his (Dami's) opinion. However, I still charge that action on the part of the President does not always have to be overt. There are covert and strategic tools available to all power players, particularly Presidents, even in the Federal system. So, every time Yardy mentions 'non-interference', I am the last to believe him.

How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the decision was made that Etteh should resign. I am waiting for the next round in this bout. You know it isn't over yet right? I doubt Madam Etteh is willing to slink into the shadows. Especially as Aondoakaa announced yesterday, Wednesday, that all members of Parliament, be they current or former, that have been indicted by the National Assembly, will be prosecuted over the next few months.

Ooooh, it's on and poppin'!!! (Please forgive the slang).


  • Waffy just pointed out to me that Etteh has only 'agreed' to resign on Tuesday. I guess I got too excited and didn't read carefully enough! Well, I hope she will actually resign and not decide to pull a Larry Craig where one agrees to resign on the basis of impropriety and then choses to hang on to their position despite playing footsy with a police officer in the men's bathroom!
  • Also, a new scandal is brewing. Former governor of Jigawa State, Ibrahim Saminu Turaki, announced that he stole N10 million in state funds. He then said that "he made the money available through Andy Uba, a close aide of former President Obasanjo." This then prompted London Police to 'interview' OBJ in London. The plot thickens.

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Beauty said...

One of the biggest flaws of this planet is not recognising the fact that women are better managers of life than men. In business, companies that are beginning to discover this truth are winning. Shame Etteh is part of the corrupt Nigerian system.

Are we are already seeing signs of Nigeria as a failed state which will drag down a large part of the West African region? Is this why US troops are in the troops in the Gulf of Guinea?

TheAfroBeat said...

Funny how british taxpayers' $$ (no pound sterling sign on my keyboard :) is going to chasing Nigerian criminals while our own attorney-general can't take his lips off Ibori's arse long enough to make an intelligent and unbiased comment about the scandal:

myabubakar said...

am not sure etteh has resigned at all. she only agreed to step aside for the debate to hold and then take over said...

Etteh has not resigned o. This woman is not only were ni, she is a typical jaguda. Etteh is still spoiling for a fight. Now the pro-Etteh clowns are going to the courts to seek a restraining order against the Integrity Group...I'm sure they are tired of the physical combat at the house lest another lawmaker bites the dust! We will see what happens tomorrow...
It is hogwash for Yardua to invoke separation of powers as his alibi for not intefering in the Etteh fiasco; we all know that privately, Yardua and his illegal govt have been urging Etteh to continue her fight to hold on to power.
In true democracies, Etteh would have long resigned and if Yardua can't intervene to resolve issues at the legislative arms of govt; putting pressure on Etteh to resign, then I doubt if he even have the balls to intervene in solving critical issues that confronts us as a nation today - fighting corruption, following through with his govt indictment of corrupt ex-governors and bringing them to justice, poverty in every facet of our economic lives, the niger-delta issues, armed robbery on the rise in our major cities, power outtages, you name it.
When you have a nation that have been held to ransom by a Speaker of the lower House, who have been indicted for abusing her office and the ruling govt. is playing sitting duck, then I think we all know what Yardua stands for - supporting his corrupt and do-nothing political clowns!
the interest of the nation should be above any political office holder...but not for Yardua, Etteh, the ruling PDP and their group of sycophants!
what has Etteh and her leadership been doing in the lower house since they assumed office? nothing!
No new bills have been passed, the budget is being held up because of the quagmire in both houses...and Yardua is sitting tight, letting this crisis linger on to ruin his govt and the Nigerian people. there is no governance going on in Nigeria. PERIOD!

ozaveshe said...

reading about Nigerian politicians and their itchy fingers don tire all of us for here. its so much the norm its impossible to be outraged anymore.

thanks for bringing stuff about Naija to our attention.


@ Nigeria Politriks: I completely understand your frustration with the current state of affairs. I have a question regarding a statement you made, however.

Let us assume you are correct when you say that "we all know that privately, Yardua and his illegal govt have been urging Etteh to continue her fight to hold on to power."

What reason would Yardy have to hold onto Etteh? I would think that her remaining in power clouds his claims that he is anti-corruption and thus would be a blemish on his reputation. I'm hoping you can flush this issue out for me as I am always trying to broaden my awareness about all things politics, particularly when it comes to Nija. Thanks! said...

Etteh is damaged goods and of course does not bring any political goodwill to any political office holder, Yardua inclusive; but in Nigerian politics...public opinion or the interest of Nigerians does not play a part in political decisions, it's the power that be.
if you have been observing closely the Etteh debacle; all of the caucus meetings held by the PDP, had Yardua, OBJ and Ahmadu Ali, the PDP chairman in attendance and they've all sworn privately to continue to fight for this woman, urging all PDP governors and lawmakers to do the's only publicly that Yardua is distancing himself; citing separation of powers...but these are not smart politicians; they are caught with their pants down on how best to resolve this issue; and Yardua is just toeing party lines; supporting his ilk and his former master OBJ.
it’s amazing that Yardua remain tight-lipped; could not break from party ranks and make bold decisions to move the nation forward; urging Etteh to resign and critizing the corrupt act by the house speaker – if only he’d done that, then I would’ve been applauding Yardua as a true anti-graft czar! it’s all politricks; the oaths they’ve sworn to their party and their political godfathers are more sacrosanct than upholding the oath they’ve sworn to the Nigerian people and the Nigerian constitution; but we will just have to wait and see how the politics is played out today!


I'm with you that Yardy should have taken a stance against the impropriety Etteh has been proven to have carried out. Instead, he talk about due process. Well, now that the woman has resigned, let us see what will happen. Thanks for enlightening me about the presence of yardy, OBJ and other big wigs at PDP meetings on Etteh. It is interesting that with the presence of such Big Boys, the party failed to achieve a consensus on her situation before impeachment procedures began.

I am sure that the story is far from over...

shhhh said...

ur blog is quite current with topical issues in naija. great stuff

Sam Oracle said...

The most important part of the show is her resign.

Whether she gets punished or not, she out of that seat and somebody credible (I guess) has replaced her

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