Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today is Global Democracy day. Global Democracy Day Work Group is working to convince the United Nations to designate this day the official international day for democracy.

Nigeria in particular needs to focus on democracy and the importance of good governance. As many know, the country is currently embattled in the Etteh scandal, the ongoing Aondoakaa vs. Ribadu feud, countless allegations of corruption, murder and all out political drama.

Despite all this, Nigerians can hope that due process and the rule of law will rule the day and that these crucial aspects of democracy (due process and rule of law) will set the necessary precedence for an even better democratic Nigeria. A Nigeria we can all be proud of!

Please visit NIGERIAN LIGHTHOUSE and join in the Global Democracy Day effort!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

oh God... i just read what you put up here... shooot... now i lost my train of thought... it was something about democracy right? lol...

classybabe said...

I really wished we had "global" democracy.I want to believe every single country will get there in the not too distant future

Obinwanne said...

i dont believe what we have in nigeria is democracy, because that is really a bad way to parade democracy, so we should just call it "Millitary New Era"

nice piece though...i pity for our country

Omodudu said...

Obiwanne we do have democracy, there are different shades of errant child is still a child what is there to do... all hands on deck so we can beat this child back into good behaviour. Luckily its Nigeria no calling of 911

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