Monday, October 1, 2007


What exactly does that word mean?

In Nigeria's case, I can honestly not provide a definite answer.

While this lack of definition disturbs me, it also gives me hope to believe that Nigeria is undergoing a metamorphosis. As a moth becomes a butterfly. Nigeria, who she is, what she is, cannot be defined. those who know her, need no definition to understand her and love her.

To those who know her, understand her and love her - let us take this day to commit ourselves to her greatness. Because although she lacks definition, although she is in transformation, we know her, we understand her and we love her.

Independence? It is a mere word we have forgotten, but some day shall be the force we command. Simply because we know her, we understand her and we love her.

Enjoy Nigeria's Independence day by voting for the best message in the Speak Up Nigeria campaign hosted by The Nigerian Lighthouse.

The finalists are -

Finalist #1 - Sokari Ekine

Finalist #2 - Sarah T. Agbabokha

Finalist #3 - Ayo Adene

Finalist #4 - Adekunbi Akin-Taylor

Finalist #5 - "Bighead"

Nigerian Lighthouse strongly believes in honoring the voice of the people, so go exercise your vote by choosing which finalist should receive the grand prize of an IPOD NANO.

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TheAfroBeat said...

Here's to those who know and love her as they struggle to understand her... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ALL!

Femme said...

we really cant define her but we understand her.

Sam Oracle said...

I'm not meant to be left out in wishing Nigeria a happy birthday.

ipod said...

Very interesting posts and well written. Thx for sharing it, keep up the good work..

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