Friday, November 30, 2007

Dear Yardy:

Can you believe it? It has been 6 months already! Some doubted that you would make it this far. Even Shinzo Abe could not handle the task of running Japan and resigned after less than a year. He was later treated for exhaustion. Incredible, considering how healthy the Japanese are. So many of them even live past 100 years, while we Nigerians seem to kick the bucket at 47 or less. Anyway, running the juggernaut Nigeria , with less than prime health (as in your case), is even more difficult. Congratulations.

It seems it was only yesterday when you gave what some called an inspiring speech while accepting your new position. You then followed that up with an incredible feat - declaring your assets. Average Nigerians are still reeling in pleasant surprise from that move! Good job! You might become a pop icon. So many people have developed all sorts of nicknames for you. Femme even thinks that the name 'Yardy' is "sexy"! Did you ever think people would attribute that word with you? You, a simple former teacher with a no-nonsense reputation and anti-corruption spokesman.

I will not dwell on any shortcomings, for after all, you are human, shebi? Besides, this is a congratulatory letter, so I will avoid the negative. Instead, let me congratulate you on creating a new attitude amongst the Nigerian elite - fear! It appears that many now realize that their status and wealth might not be enough to protect them from scandal, shame and maybe even jail (though some people clearly deserve much longer prison terms than they are getting). Even Julius Burger is scurrying to "clean" up its act!

So, maybe continuously touting "rule of law" and taking forever to announce the members of your cabinet might pay off after all. I wish you the best of luck in moving Nigeria forward. The feat, is Herculean. With each success, there will be disappointments. But, as long as you continue to work towards the development of the Nation, and you lay the foundation for others to continue such development, you might just overcome the cloud of illegitimacy with which you became Head of State.

Best of luck, Yardy. The pressure is high and we are watching. Please do something about Aondoakaa. His actions suggest that your administration might not be so anti-corruption after all. Shikena!

With warmest regards,

PS: Don't worry, I will return to my usual cynical self in a few hours. I just wanted to give you a slight break! And by the way, you never told me your thoughts on The Nigerian Proclamation. Call me!

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Moody Crab said...

6 montsh already? How time flies! Despite the farce called Nigerian election that brought him in, Yardy seems to soldier-ing on just fine. Like you said, we want more action than mere utterances of rule of law.

I must say though, the non-cynical you is quite refreshing


Gee, thanks, you Moody Crab!!!

TheAfroBeat said...

Abeg SOLO, pls send this letter!! I will personally take out the ad in Guardian (once they settle with the union) so we can congratulate baba rule of law! said...

this OBJ hand-picked govt do not deserve a day longer in office...this govt is borne out of a sham election...the continuation of this trumped-up Yardua govt, under the guise of advocating or protecting the "rule of law" and fighting corruption is a shame to all Nigerians...for how long can Nigerians be hoodwinked into believing that this is another "e go better" govt? Enough of this travesty!

BTW, AGF Aondoakaa must resign NOW!

Ms. Catwalq said...

I am so silly. Do you know that every time I hear about our Boda-Yara-on-the-dialysis-machine, I hear this razz ring tone that originated out of Naija a while back:

"Yara gbe phone e...
Yara gbe phone e...
(meaning "hurry and pick up your phone")
Just think it is so apt when the guy takes so long to do anything.
But in any case, it is a razz song that somehow has the short form of Presido's name and I love it

Dami said...

This is a good one, we really need to focus on the state and local govt chairmen,they have direct contact with the people and can do much better

he is still operating under obj's budget-could this be the reason why things are slow or part of the reason?

hopefully he moves to gear 2 abi na one him dey before

anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...

Hmm i can swear i sniffed sarcasm in your post. :0

Jinta said...

Hmm! Is this really you?
I'm no fan of Yar'Adua and the PDP, however, I just get the feeling that Siemens would not have blossomed into the open under Obj, talk less of the impending Berger.


lol @ Jinta!
Please refer to Anonymous gal's comments...

myabubakar said...

this is solo at her best and i like the punchy part most.. that is when you said you would as soon return to your cynic self and bring out the negatives. its like giving honour where it is due and heaping faults where they are due also. more of these solo.

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