Sunday, December 9, 2007

Corruption is such a difficult issue especially when it comes to Nigeria. Dealing with it is extremely complicated because so many good meaning people have differing views on the proper approach. Some Nigerians believe that corruption can be eradicated while others think that corruption is an ever present aspect of society and cannot be fully tamed.

Irregardless of your position on the issue, I believe that all Nigerians must in some way or the other commit themselves to improving Nigeria. I see corruption as the bane of our nation. It is incredibly entrenched in our everyday practices. Yes, I acknowledge that corruption exists in some form or the other in every country and institution. But unlike other places, Nigeria does not yet have the strong structures and systems that not only prevent corruption but dampen its negative effect on the most needy members of our society.

Consequently, Nigerians will greatly benefit from a system of enforced laws and institutions that educate about the ills of corruption and severely punish corrupt practices by individuals and entities regardless of their wealth or station. I believe that we will get there. But to do so, the average Nigerian must acknowledge the part he/she plays in fostering the system and commit to change.

We are on our way.

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Omodudu said...

solid institutions will also ensure that our baby steps in economic growth will remain secure, so that we are removed from the usual dance of one step forward two step back.


Hear, hear...

Ms. Catwalq said...

You have to start with yourself.
If I can borrow from the christians, (and don't quote me cos I am not sure) but I think there was this story about how Jesus went somewhere for a long time and did not eat or something like that. And then the devil shows up and offers all kinds of things (this is one of those moments I am wishing I paid attention in CRS class) if he would just compromise on his principles about something.
Jesus didn't and the devil had to slink away.
Life offers opportunities to compromise on your principles. You have to decide whether you are in for the long term rewards or immediate gratification; which by the way are fleeting, thus the need for a continued and preogressively demanding set of compromising.
It starts and ends with the individual.

Jinta said...

So many of us have some Uncle, Auntie, friend of a friend, family friend, etc. who struck it 'rich' as a result of some corrupt practice or the other. The crusade must begin at home when we stop looking up to them.

anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...

once more a beautifully written write up. seriously i might just decide to stop readin newapapers and concentrate om ur blog.

N.I.M.M.O said...

'First, let's kill all the lawyers ...'

For as long as we have lawyers who are willing and able to circumvent the law to get the criminals off the hook - and they get their ten percent of the loot- so long will we have corruption.

Those who do it, do it because they know they will get away with it. I mean they have enough lawyers to get injunctions and restraining orders etc etc.

You probably have heard about Odili who got an injunction preventing EFCC from investigating him! Not even prosecuting but i-n-v-e-s-t-i-g-a-t-i-n-g his tenure as Governor. His wife is a 'respected' Judge and you think she doesn't know about it? She probably advised it!

Its like asking the FBI not to investigate a crime suspected to have been committed in the USA!

The EFCC boss, Ribadu -a lawyer himself - would tell you that his biggest problem has been the lawyers who do all sorts on behalf of their clients.

And then we have an AGF. Let me not just start on that one abeg!

I am tempted to agree with Jinta, lets just do a Jerry Rawlings on all of them.

But like the mobster said:

'First, let's kill all the lawyers ....


Dee said...

To point out lawyers is like saying “only children eat cake”

I’ve concluded long ago that corruption is inborn and deeply entrenched in the Nigerian society that many Nigerians cannot differentiate between what a corrupt practice IS and isn’t

I fully agree that freeing Naija from the hold of corruption starts with the individual.
However an individual can decide to stop being corrupt but that won’t make a difference if he/she can’t tell or identify corruption even if it stares him/her in the face

Yes, we need those institutions at every level and in every sector but first WE Nigerians need to be RE-educated about corruption IS, where it starts and what we can do to stop it

Hmmm, maybe that’s a place other institutions can start from (be it govt., offices, schools, workers unions, religious institutions, social clubs etc): Educating its members on corrupt practices…then enforce it and punish the corrupt ones

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