Friday, December 14, 2007

Just in case you are unfamiliar with my friend Catwalq's blog, I thought to share some insight that she provided freely at her blog recently. In response to Nigerian Lighthouse's call to observe Anti-Corruption Day, Catwalq wrote some very inspiring words that can be considered a creed that all Nigerians and quite frankly, all people, should abide by. I must say that my own personal rules align with those expressed by Catwalq, and thus I have no problem sharing her insight with you. I would only add that I have always believed that modesty and humility are far too often ignored by average individuals. If more people practiced them, corruption could be less of a problem than it is today.

I must also take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who participated in Nigerian Lighthouse's Anti-Corruption Day effort. Some of you wrote 50 words, others engaged in challenging discourse on the initiative, some helped by offering constructive criticism and some others even took time from their busy schedules to draft incredibly insightful works on the matter.

A big 'Thank You' to you all. (And those of you reading this as well).

And here are the 10 Commandments of Anti-Corruption.

1. Do not encroach on people and their property. And do not allow them to do the same to you: If I am conscious that my actions not affect others and theirs, then I will be less likely to partake or indulge in something that violates the freedoms of others. Corruption does that.

2. Do all you have agreed to do: If I stand before you and say that I will serve you in some way, then I will. Politicians spout whatever will get them votes or even nothing at all, attain high positions and completely forget their promise to the society to serve. It is a matter of how strong your word is. My parents don't have millions but when they give me their word, they bend over backwards to fulfill it.

3. Every thought, word or action either pollutes you or purifies you: I choose to purified. So, I will not think ill, say ill or do ill to another person. That alone ensures that I am not corrupt.

4. Be responsible for your actions: I am not of the faith where there is salvation upon calling somebody's name; a technique that some people have taken it to mean that they can do whatever they like and then after, they just erase it with some mumbled words. I pay for every action and so does every body else. If you imagine that you can get away with something because the human justice does not get you, best be assured that spiritual justice is very fair and unbiased and that as Soul, you are going to enjoy in exact amounts the returns on any and everything you do. If not in this lifetime, then in another.

5. Be clean: Body, mind and deed. In the words of Kpakpando, KPOM!!!

6. Be grateful: I could have had it worse.

7. Do all things in the name of God: I don't think God will encourage you to take what He did not give to you, so don't even think to steal in the name of God.

8. Be careful what you say: A corrupt tongue will say corrupt things. And we all know the power of the spoken word. If, according to a majority faith, God said "Let there be Light" and there was light, does it not make sense that as his offspring, we can manifest or eradicate corruption with our words.

9. Be disciplined: Do the right thing at the right time and for the right reason

10. It's a matter of choice: Choose not to be corrupt.

My thoughts
Feel free to take the time to analyze and recognize the rules that you live by. It never hurts to take a personal audit of your life. Doing so can be very enlightening. And for those that are interested, take heart, despite the numerous shenanigans and manipulation of the system, Ibori was finally arrested by the EFCC and just might face justice after all. In time corruption will no longer 'pay' in Nigeria...

5 Curiosities. Add Yours.:

Kiibaati said...

Am cool with the commandments but to make it lawyer-proof, you shouldnt reinvent the wheel. Can't we stick to the old fashioned "thou shall not steal"?

Unknown said...

I love these 10 commandments..

anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...

I AM NOT FOLLOWING THE COMMANDMENTS. emm just kiddin im not wil try.

Ms. emmotions said...

thats some commandments u ve got up there, just wish its applied, the world would indeed ve been a betta place.

Unknown said...

wow and wow! impressed with Naij. Thanks for coming-i think i vaguely remember your screen name.
oh and by the way, my friend has just picked a specific way to help raise money. we are all contributing, no be so?

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