Monday, December 31, 2007

I cannot believe that this blog has been up and running for a year. 149 posts later (this article will actually be the 150th) and I am yet to wrap my mind around Nigeria and the complexities it presents on every single issue. Case in point, the recent Ribadu situation is mind boggling to many Nigerians, even those of us that have learned to expect the unexpected. Anyway, my post on that issue is forthcoming.

I started this blog as a way to voice my opinions on Nigerian issues. And, I simply hoped that my family members and a few friends would read my thoughts and engage me in debate/conversation. Thankfully, I have been able to have enlightening and educating discussions on a variety of topics with readers from all over the world. I must take this opportunity to thank every single person who has taken a moment from their busy life to spur discussion at this venue. Your insight has been invaluable.

In all, I believe that Nigerian Curiosity had an excellent year.There were challenging times, but looking back at the year, I can say with all honesty that I enjoyed my year of blogging about Nigerian politics and participating in social commentary. A rewarding moment came in May, when the Nigerian Proclamation (and its adjoining Epilogue) was used by Nigerians all over the world to speak out about our country in hope for a better future. The resulting media attention was great but from this initiative, I learned that Nigerians are desperate not only for a change, but for a way to effect change. I still believe that we can transform Nigeria into the country we want it to be because that change is already happening.

Apart from the Nigerian Proclamation, I thoroughly enjoyed blogging about social issues. Here are my top 5 picks of the year:

  1. Osu or Not to Osu
  2. "I'm Not really Attracted to Nigerian Women."
  3. Is Nigeria A Breeding ground For Terrorism?
  4. Ladies Beware! Mohammed Abubakar is here!
  5. Polygamy and the State of the Nigerian Union
The political stuff was good as well. It was fun writing about Yardy but I must admit that writing about the constant tug of power-war between Aondoakaa and Ribadu was exciting. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined that two powerful Nigerians would squabble with each other so frequently and so publicly. If I may just say - thanks for the material, guys! And to imagine that those good days could possibly over. Here are my top 5 politics-related posts of 2007:
  1. 'Soiled Hands' & Strategy: What Nigeria Says About Democracy
  2. Who Will Fight For Nigeria (AFRICOM Pt. 1)
  3. Political Soap Operas, Nigerian Style
  4. Calls For Aondoakaa's Removal Increase
  5. AFRICOM ... The Dotted Line Has Been Signed
There are always the random things that somehow make it unto the blog. You know, the miscellaneous stories that you just cannot ignore.
  1. Nigerian Weapon Production
  2. A Nigerian Boy Did What?
  3. Ireland's First Black Mayor Is Nigerian
  4. Nigerian Ingenuity (If anyone knows how to reach the gentleman that is the subject of this post, please let me know.)
  5. Nigerian 'Mafia' Discovered in Italy
I hope that like me, you enjoyed reading most of the posts at this blog and I hope you will return for more because there will be changes at the blog that should help make this site even more educational and hopefully entertaining. Case in point, the already functioning Nigerian Curiosity TV.

I can only end the year by encouraging people to be supportive rather than divisive. Imagine how much progress we would make if that was one of our many resolutions? There are a lot of Nigerians out there working very hard to do incredible things and a little support from their fellow Nigerians could make the difference. I, for one, have been very fortunate to receive support from people and their assistance has been instrumental. Additionally, we must keep in mind that there are elements out there that will strive to keep us apart, that will work tirelessly to prevent collaboration. These types live by a basic credo - Divide and Conquer, and Rule them all. We cannot let them succeed.

So, let us end the year on a good note. Delta State's DESOPADEC, has managed to provide free health care services to 67 communities and 17 local government areas of the state. The program plans to provide micro-loans to various cooperative groups, provided portable water, scholarships to needy students and will increase jobs by establishing an oil refinery. This program is a clear indication that states are tackling poverty and trying to improve the quality of life of Nigerian citizens. I can only hope that such programs will continue to gain strength and that Nigerians, especially the less fortunate, will have opportunities to escape poverty.

On that note, have a prosperous and peaceful new year!

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the milestone and hope u have a wonderful new year too.

TheAfroBeat said...

OOh, i just left a comment but it disappeared!

HAPPY NEW YEAR SOLO! Thanks for stimulating my Nigerian Curiosity in 2007 and i look forward to even more constructive curiosity in '08.

Have a blessed one!

Ms. Catwalq said...

And just think, it only gets better.
Please my sister, keep up the good work.
I have to go read and catch up on those posts of yours that I missed

Anonymous said...

Fabulous work!!!! Happy New Year

Kiibaati said...

I like ur blog because you bring up issues. I may not agree with a lot of the opinions expressed but at least now we are talking about what is important

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