Friday, February 22, 2008

I have been down with the flu most of this week, so staring at a computer screen to put words down has been quite difficult and even painful for me. However, recent sightings of a 'Bush' in Africa, compelled me to stop being lazy and hit the keyboard.

I have always liked George W. Bush. He is extremely funny, if you ask me. I appreciate people who are not afraid to look silly from time to time or even be criticized for various goofs. I may not like his politics, but the guy makes me smile often enough to look upon him favorably. And so it was with great pleasure that I watched 'Dubya' so sile ("Get down low" in Yoruba). Here is footage of a Bush shaking it in lovely Liberia.


All that gyrating, though entertaining, did not distract most Africans, myself included, from a major concern - AFRICOM.

We know that the issue of an African base for AFRICOM is a contentious issue that has been heavily debated for over a year now at this site and many others. Nigeria has declared that it does not want AFRICOM based on the continent and especially not in Nigeria or its sphere of geographic influence. Liberia, on the otherhand, is very open to hosting an American military base and has actively declared its approval of AFRICOM on many occasions.

Despite having a fan in Liberia, Bush spent some time calming AFRICOM fears by stating, in Ghana, that all the rumors about him coming to the African continent to build military bases were "baloney". However, although I have been criticized for being a 'cynic' (isn't that just a tad bit mean?), I find it hard to believe the man whose failed policies resulted in an unstable Iraq and an Afghanistan that is gasping for breath under renewed attacks of a regrouped Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

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ijebuman said...

Kind of like watching an old white guy on Soul Train

NneomaMD said...
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NneomaMD said...

wow, you had me scared for a minute...i read the beginning of the post, saw the Bush Boogie part two, then a big empty space and thought - what! is that the end of your post - nooooooo! But then I saw that your political appetite had not yet been quenched ("let's get down to business") and that, yes, all is right in the blogosphere.

In response to the Liberian comment, I mean, what can I say, everyone has the right to pick their pimp, and according to this, Liberia has chosen the US. I am sure that his opinion does not reflect that of all Liberians (well, at least I hope). My initial thoughts on AFRICOM can be found on a posting on my blog and I still hold on to those initial thoughts.

But hasn't AFRICOM in some way already reached the continent? The idea of protecting foreign interests on the continent at the expense of the will of the people is a policy that has been embraced by many an African government.

oh and thanks for your comments on my most recent posting about african/african american music and black womanhood. though i think those, like us, who have some reservations about how the media portrays black women, are sadly, in the minority.

this post was deleted then edited because there were too many spelling errors - hope you don't mind

Anonymous said...

Bush's visit so went unnoticed, He's old news now even in his own country LOL its the Obama-Clinton takeover!

AFRICOM is a joke, it'll happen but it'll still lack credibility among the powers that be on the continent.

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