Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I have watched the planning and military precision that led to Super Tuesday and I cannot find a specific word to describe my feelings. Is "glee" appropriate? No, it doesn't truly capture my emotions. Maybe "ecstasy"? No, I never use that word because of its connection to illegal drugs and I don't want my site to get spammed by Porn-pandering auto-bots. How about I just stick to "Yippee!!!" That does the trick.

Watching the wheels of American democracy turn and seeing the fervor with which Americans, and non-Americans are engaged in it is refreshing and quite frankly, inspiring. The reasons are endless, so I'll stick to three.

Firstly, I am an avid sports fan and I especially enjoy boxing. The battle to be the Presidential nominee of both the Republican and Democratic parties has been a genuine slugfest. And rightfully so. The lives of so many people will be affected by whoever serves as President of the United States over the next 4/8 years. Secondly, no where else in the world is the race to become President packaged and presented like an entertainment program. The current race to the White House probably receives as many viewers collectively as the latest American Idol audition episodes. Anyway, I for one, have always been happy to spend my day watching the news and if it is packaged to provide additional entertainment while focusing on the main issues - even better.

The third and most important reason is that observing the American democracy experience makes me hunger for what could be an incredibly vibrant democracy in Nigeria. Imagine how liberating it would be to know that politicians would have to talk to the people and discuss their positions and plans. Imagine what it would be like if Nigerians were faced with qualified candidates that inspired them to do better and aspire for change. I listen to Hillary Clinton speak and I am impressed by her ability to speak directly to average individuals and answer their questions. It makes me hope that Nigerian leaders will understand the value of speaking to the people and not at them. I see the optimism that Obama fosters in average people and can only pray that some day, Nigeria will allow young and intelligent leaders the opportunity to make the country better.

And when I think of Nigeria, I must also think about the rest of Africa. Many African countries are also wrestling with the process of developing their own brand of democracy. But, I believe that if Nigeria can lead the way in creating a stable, free and fair democratic nation, other countries will have an African roadmap to follow. I especially believe this after re-reading "Soiled Hands" and visiting Ijebuman's blog where I learned that a new report indicates that Kenya's government realized they could pull their shameful sham of an 'election' after the Nigerian experience in 2007.

So, until Nigeria gets to that most glorious democratic-point, I can say that there has never been a point in my life where I have wanted to play an integral role in the future of another country like I feel today. Unfortunately, I am not American and cannot vote in the upcoming elections. I will therefore continue to watch the democracy unfold from the sidelines.

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Hephzibah said...

Solomonsydelle: waoh, you have this other great blog? How do have the time??? I feel so unserious, lol...
Ok, am just trying to get over the shock and will need to read up more on you (now u've forced me to think!) but being the 1st, what instantly comes to mind is- Give Nigeria a break, remember it is only 40 yrs while US is like ancient of days....however, I know a fool at 40 is sometimes a fool ...

ababoypart2 said...

Brilliant post - again, if I may say so...I just feel like you do...I share your thoughts...


@ naija chic: Thanks for discovering Nigerian Curiosity. This is where I let out the serious side of my curious mind.

About giving Nigeria a break. Yes, America spent centuries developing its own form of democracy. And that is why I specifically said that Nigeria and other African countries are "wrestling" with the process of creating a democratic system that will fit them. However, there are African countries that are much further along the path to stable democracy than the mighty-lion Nigeria. Considering that Nigeria is such a 'leader', it is ironic to see that nations like Benin carry out free, fair elections. Anyway, you are right, it will take time, but I just think we must rise to the challenge of achieving the incredible, no matter how difficult.

Thanks for making a crucial point and don't be a stranger!

@ Ababoypart2: Hey, haven't seen you in these parts in ages! How are you? Nigeria is such a wonderful country. I just want it to be an even better place where as many citizens can participate, freely, in the decisions that are necessary to move the country forward.

Don't be a stranger!

Waffarian said...

The same people have been pulling the strings since I was a kid, I am now a woman and I hear the same names. Let them go please and give us all a break.

Omodudu said...

Hillary is a Yoruba woman, Obama na Ibo...oh that McCain man na Idoma...Huckabee na from Cameroon...You get the drift...those sentiments will foreshadow any possibility of looking at the qualification...let nobody mention MKO here.

StR8 UP Desiree'D said...

All i can say is there ia much needed prayer for the right leaders in our country...yea Nigeria is not that old, but there are so many things we can do that we are not doing. MKO?? abeg fashi that side, all of them are the same jo.
We can be so much better than what we are right now, I mean look at Ghana. Like solomon said, Benin for example too.
If we have leaders that are doing what they are suppose to be doing and doing what will benefit us all as Nigerians, trust me we won't be where we are right now. How can a whole "Africa's giant" not have constant light no longer than 2hrs (if you'r lucky sef), or should i mention how f***ed up a whole expressway is?? not to talk of other roads.
Let's just keep praying for them, all the leaders God will touch their hearts and help them do the right things.

Stuck in my throat said...

hello Solomonsydelle, Iam so sorry i have not written like i said I would...I am suffering a block...I will post something i saw a while ago...i took some pictures..check it if you can...

Sherri said...

the american election is very exciting and like u, it raises my hopes for naija. being only 40 is sure no excuse at all. if only naija people will realize that complacency leads to decadence. real change can never be achieved if people are not willing to pay the price..
it saddens me to see people cripled by the fear of death living in the death zone.

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