Thursday, June 5, 2008

A visit to Afolabi's blog afforded me the opportunity to hear this installment in the Music Series. This is Nayo's '1+1'.

Nayo is a Nigerian musician and she has been compared to another incredible musician of Nigerian origin, Sade. Her first single, 'African Girl', which is also the name of her album, was very well received when it made its debut earlier this year.

I have listened to this song once, but I knew it had to be included in the Music Series. Unlike other songs in this series, the video for this song is not online, but if anyone has seen it, please let me know. Nonetheless, I think it is a beautiful song and I hope that you will enjoy it.

1+1 - Nayo

Check out her Myspace page.
Check out her website -

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Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Yes, Im firsttttttt

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Thank you sooo much for putting this song up here. When I heard 'African girl'-i wasnt particularly sold. This song however, I likeeeeeeee
Me likes alot.

Omodudu said...

Off to check this out

naijaleta said...

Big cheers for letting us know about this Nigerian talent.

Dojaa said...

No doubt she has a talent for singing, however It all reminds me of a few things I have heard before so I am a dubious about how original it all is.

guerreiranigeriana said...

...i like nayo...a little wary of the comparisons to sade...i think there may be a couple videos (definitely for african girl) on her myspace page...

Anonymous said...

alright, this one is much better than the first song of hers that I heard. I actually don't mind this track. Why wasn't this her first single? It probably would have changed my whole attitude towards hermusic.

Well, I wish her the best of luck.

Mwangi said...

She is a fantastic vocalist. She definitely qualifies as a great vocalist using two criteria that I use:
a) How do they do when there aren't a lot of instruments causing a lot of noise in the back e.g. rappers when they freestyle and musicians singing acoustic versions of songs...her vocal ability came through so loud and clear over the barely-there instrumentals.
b) How do they sound live: By the sounds of things she would sound just the same live and that would be great.
She definitely strikes me as someone who someone should pay money to see live.
Sade on the other hand is just smoothness and mellifluousness personified.....nothing works quite like Sade for soothing the soul.

Nine said...

This is GOOD.

Anonymous said...

i think this lady is what all african girls want to identify with, class and sophistication, am sure they are tired of ghetto.... u go girl, your album is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

UK based Nayo will be in Nigeria from Tuesday July 22nd!!

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