Friday, June 6, 2008

In a conversation with a gathering of the Nigerian community in South Africa, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria told the world that Nigeria's Ministry of Transportation is currently investigating the disrespectful treatment of 136 Nigerians aboard a Brutish Airways aircraft in March of this year.

Yar'Adua went on to inform those present that if necessary, sanctions will be imposed upon the airline. The federal government has previously suggested through various lower officials that the Brutes could face sanction for their treatment of Nigerian passengers, but this is absolutely the first time that Nigerians are hearing from Yar'Adua personally on the matter of potential sanctions.

We will continue to watch and see what the investigation of the Brutish Airways incident reveals and can only that the government will keep its promise.

This announcement came just as the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Bob Dewar says that he is "sorry" for the disrespectful maltreatment meted out by Brutish Airways upon Nigerians. He promised that the British government would ensure that there is no such repeat by the airline and said,

"British Airways have [sic] given us its assurances that they will continue to very much value the Nigerian customers and that dignity of Nigerian customers is paramount for them. On this particular occurrence, I say to you that it is an unfortunate incident which we hope will not be repeated."
While it is wonderful that Dewar took the time to express the British government's apologies to Nigerians, it remains a shame that the last Nigerians heard from BA was the supposed 'apology' read by journalist Ademola Adedoyin on May 2nd. It seems Brutish Airways is content to keep quiet and let this issue die a slow, silent death. For the sake of Nigerians, and other peoples who are disrespected purely on the basis of their nationality, skin color, gender, race, sexual orientation or any other aspect of themselves that they cannot change, I hope that the Brutes do not get their way. What BA seems to not realize is that this issue will likely not die. It will simply resurrect itself in the form of some other person or group of people. And, once that happens, the Nigerian incident will be brought to life again and used to galvanize the efforts of another group intent on crippling the airline. I stand by original suggestions on how Nigerians, if serious, can collectively deal BA a serious financial blow. Nevertheless, only time will tell if concerned Nigerians and the organizers of this boycott have a detailed follow up plan to the boycott.

You would never believe the generous hatred and disrespect that was generated by a simple post alerting members about the BA incident. I am hesitant to put up a direct link to the site and/or even mention it as I am not in the business of advertising for free, except if to do so is to benefit Nigeria, Nigerians or an issue that I truly believe in. All I will say is that it is a website for 'oyibo' people resident in Nigeria to share information and discuss. And, for those who are unaware, 'oyibo' is a term used in Nigeria to refer to Caucasians and light skinned Nigerians.

Alright I will mention the site - oyibo online. (you can search for the domain name, yourself). But if any of my readers are a member of that site, please inform the administrator, that judging from the thread on the BA incident, I suspect that members of that site do not hold Nigerians in high regard. That is fine, it is their opinion, but most people know better than to stereotype an entire nation. Nevertheless, I respectfully join others in requesting that the thread be removed. It is an utter disgrace for people who are living in Nigeria, with our invitation and with our welcome to turn around and completely disrespect their hosts, particularly when many of those insults border on pure racism. I in no way shape or form encourage censorship, but we must be responsible for our words, even when we are online and have the benefit of anonymity. It is within people's right to discuss and even complain about things. But, when such conversations degenerate into expressions of racism (referring to Nigerians as dogs or other animals) and/or are completely rude and distasteful, the administrator has a responsibility to take that thread down.

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Atutupoyoyo said...

My dear Solly I would like to hear your views on the recent claims by Buhari and Babangida saying that Abacha did not loot the country. They claim that there are no "facts" to support the allegations.

I have been too mad to compose anything coherent on the topic.


lol! I was going to avoid that for as long as possible, but since you have requested a comment, I will work on one for Wednesday. Will let you know when it up, my brother.

Sugabelly said...

I went to the forum. The majority of white people in Nigeria, the 'expatriates' feel that they are superior to us Nigerians and that everything about them is sooooo much better.

In that case can they kindly leave our country? Abi is it not money they are there to make. They should go back to freezing their asses off in bloody London and leave our tropical beaches for us.

Typical European bullshit. Europe is as usual the root of most evil. Let's not even discuss how they wiped out the Native Americans now shall we. A whole continent of them too.

And they have the audacity to even feel that we don't deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity. If that Nigeria-England air route shuts down, it's over! And they had better bloody remember that.

guerreiranigeriana said...

...it's an oyibo site for oyibos?...i have no expectations...in fact, i'm not even visiting the site...no time for fuckery today, at least not from them...did you see the dance video i posted?...

TheAfroBeat said...

Haven't had a chance to go and check out the site, i'm afraid of the rage that might ensue, judging by other bloggers comments on here. Like you said, we will continue to creep up everytime British Airways (i keep using their full name so that whenever people google them, eventually the negative press will show up) disrespects its customers in such a BRUTISH manner. Thanks for keeping the issue top of mind. Let's hope this Minsitry of Aviation investigation produces some results in the near future!

Nine said...

Won't even go there;it's not worth the heartburn.But if the thread is still up,I believe it should stay up.It's much easier to track your adversaries when they're not hiding.

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