Friday, July 4, 2008

In an effort to limit the effect that violent thieves are having on its reputation and the lives of Niger Delta residents, MEND
"confiscated the stool of a royal father in Bayelsa State alleged to be sponsoring sea bandits and also captured seven of the suspected sea pirates."
MEND confronted the local 'royal', who ran off and is currently on the run. According to the group,

"Yes, we sent out our fighters to confront the sea pirates when we got information that the boys were robbing fishing trawlers, they attack them, extort money from them, sometimes, they disconnect trawlers and carry the whole thing away. You see, all these things they are doing is spoiling the struggle and people think that it is the MEND that is doing it."

"Our information is that a man who claims to be a royal father is the one that is bankrolling them and we went there to confront them after we got report of what was happening, that was after they just robbed a trawler, belonging to a company in Lagos."
Personally, I am glad that MEND recognized that it has a responsibility to protect the Delta not just from oil companies or the federal government, but also from local 'leaders' and others who fail to serve the people and instead punish them with additional suffering and insecurity. However, I also hope that MEND understands that they are the cause of such problems as they have emboldened common thugs and their abhorrent sponsors to adopt MEND-like tactics which inherently cheapen MEND's original message and goal - the betterment of the Delta and its people. The group plans to 'deal' with the captured thugs.

"In fact, how can you suggest that we should hand them over to the security agents, we cannot do that, we just hope that after dealing with them, they will change and stop robbing people because the struggle is not to rob people.

We have reasons for blowing up pipelines in the Niger-Delta, it is not we are animals[sic], but, the government has turned us to animals and slaves in our own country, we have been pushed to the walls and we are telling them enough is enough of the marginalization and oppression..."
It seems that MEND plans to clear out the chaff to improve its credibility. I wish them the best of luck.

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tobenna said...

Clear out the chaff? What chaff?
MEND has given Nigeria a bad name and is worsening the plight of the Niger delta people.
I am so totally ashamed of them.
SHAME on them.

Anonymous said...

When will this end? I really hope we will move past all these issues and live together peacefully. The question is, is MEDN mending or adding to the problem?

Jaja said...

Mend takes a stand??

Jinta said...

another OPC - sooner or later, they start to believe they are above the law and lose the lofty ideals that were behind their formation

guerreiranigeriana said...

...yeah, i think jinta said it well...sometimes the problem with organic, grassroot work is that we lose sight of the very system/beast we are fighting against and in many cases, become it...what did mlk say about fighting hate with hate? can't...we need some new and innovative approaches...

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