Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I received an email message this week and the writer argued that I have been rude to Nigeria's President, Umaru Musa Ya'r'Adua.

Using names like Yardie and YawnAdua are rude and insulting.
By the way, 'YawnAdua' was created by the Ijebuman.

Believe it or not, my purpose on this site is simply to discuss the issues that I find important and learn from others comments. It is never to be rude. However, I do not think it is rude to refer to Yar'Adua as 'Yardy'. It is a shorter form of his full name and suggests nothing untoward, particularly on my part. Other nicknames that are used by other bloggers and Nigerians simply refer to the characteristics the President himself has exhibited while in office. In most cases, they are not meant to be an insult, but I cannot speak for other people.

Additionally, shortening the President's name to 'Yardy' is also a product of the modern internet age. For those of us who spend a lot of time writing, we eventually learn to transform everything to shorthand. A lot of my readers refer to me as "Solly", "SSD", "Solo" and only God knows what else. Maybe we are all simply lazy, or maybe we all just like creating nicknames.

So, what do you think? Is it rude to use a nickname in reference to Yar'Adua?

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Anonymous said...

Lol!... are u serious? I don't see anything wrong with giving anyone a nickname. Yaradua is a public figure, he should expect it...

No one felt people were being rude when they called Obasanjo, Uncle Sege. If you are leader of men and women, you should expect people to give you a

As long as none of the names were insulting...

Sof'ly, Sof'ly Yardy is the funniest though...LOL!

Anonymous said...


If politicians cannot have nicknames or be subject to satirical appellations derived from the personality of their tenure or office, we might well put great warrior statues in charge and become idolaters.

We have moved beyond the period of conferring undeserved mystique on political officers to the extent they begin to think they are superhuman whose names cannot be spoken and whose presence cannot be approached.

Let the aggrieved take a chill pill and probably an overdose of chill pills, they might want to worship the person of the President but have no right to impose their obsequious ways on others.

Yardy, Yawn'Adua or even Snore'Adua are neither rude nor insulting and enough of this cellophane-skinned offence taking.



Anonymous said...

Bloggers heart criticism. Keep it going. I remember the process of coining the Yardie name. LOL

Anonymous said...

Nobody... least of all you, should ever apologise to anyone for the words you pen on your page. Matter of fact, its nobody's bloody business. why bother?


Anonymous said...

Hehehehehehe, you dey even answer the person self! Me, na "presido" I dey call am...wetin concern me? abeg, make the person go siddon jare, why im dey swallow panadol for another person head ache? abi dem be SSS? hope dem no go close Nigerian Curiousity oh! Chei! Fear don dey catch me!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Words fail me. The press and everyone else in the world does this. Even more so and derogatorily too.... In the UK, Tony Blair was called 'Bambi' (after the cartoon xter), John Prescott his deputy - 'two jags' (cos he had two jaguars - cars)and the list goes on.

Can someone tell me why Nigerians take themselves so ef**** seriously? You shorten someone's name and you get an accusatory email? Is he God or the Dalai Lama?
Ugh, Pur-lease!

Get a chill pill people or some sense of humour to thaw out frozen grey matter of being so pompously uptight! It's so Nigerian though! Ok shoot me but it's soooo true!

TheAfroBeat said...

I believe everyone before me has said it all. Ko si nkan kan, it is a non-issue. It is your perogative to use the nicknames you please. If the presido don't like it, he can come and lock you up and shut down your blog ;)

Doc A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
God's child said...

Last I checked, when u decide to become a president of a "democratic" country, u put yourself out there to be criticized if need be. Also you are a celeb now, and we all know from people like Britney and Michael Jackson how all that can be. Me I kinda like Yardy,
I mean Yar gini sometimes is too long for me to type, or I forget where the ' goes, is it Yar'adua or Yara'dua LOL at least Obasanjo had OBJ, short and simple. Wait o, SSS fit come carry me for dis yankee o lol Mr Excellency MY President! lol abeg make I hear word.
SD abeg carry on! None of the names were insulting!

God Bless you
God Bless me
God Bless Yardy
God Bless Nigeria!
oh wait o, God Bless my papa and my mama too!!!

LG said...

Na wa o, wetin consign malu with one way ????

SDD norrin do u o'
or 'yardy' dey complain???

Bola said...

Whoever said that must have been in hiding,where was he when obasanjo was OBJ, Unlc Sege, baba and so on.THIS IS YOUR PALACE, YOUR COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARE THE KING AND PRESIDENT,YOU'RE FREE TO SAY WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE AND DO WHATEVER PLEASES YOU.Whoever is not pleased should seek a motion for closure and lets see how possible that will be.

poeticallytinted said...

LOL, here we go, chasing shadows once again. Who is this that wants to cause wahala where there is absolutely none. The person should purchase himself a sense of humor, it comes really cheap.
What public figure doesn't have a nickname???? Sometimes, it is even a sign of affection. (You don't want to know my nicknames...)

aloted said...

SSD..nothing do u jare...

kini big deal? whats the big deal...

Abi is Our president complaining..even if he is..he get no choice in this matter!

Anonymous said...

dont know much about those African names or better yet how to pronounce the nicknames and do forth. But if it should be that you are just blogging and/or texting...a name can be a name. Its not like you were writing for the presidental campaign.

Sleep well and dont let the small things bug you.....THIS IS MY NEW LESSON THAT IVE LEARNED!


@ notjustok: Thanks so much for taking the time to comment n this issue. I completely agree with you, as long as the names aren't insulting, there is no need to get upset. And, even when the nicknames are insulting, as they often can be, there is no reason to take things personally. In this case, its just politics.

I'm glad you like "Sof'ly, Sof'ly Yardy". I actually came up with that one! The first time it was used was in SABOTAGE: AONDOAKAA VS. RIBADU ET. AL. and it wasn't meant to be insulting. =)

@ Akin: It is always wonderful to see you around these parts. I truly appreciate your frank response.

"We have moved beyond the period of conferring undeserved mystique on political officers to the extent they begin to think they are superhuman whose names cannot be spoken and whose presence cannot be approached."

I would have thought so as well, but it seems that there are some who would disagree with that assessment. nevertheless, i agree with you and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

@ Oz: "Bloggers heart criticism."

You are right. There is no doubt. lol! I just hope this "Yardy" business doesn't become more than it needs to be especially given the recent Channels TV wahala.

How are you?

@ c.o.: Thank you so much for the kind words you sent me. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm going nuts because I think some believe my views on Nigeria are extreme. I just want to use this forum to express myself and learn from others. I just wish people would chose to focus on the issues and not make things personal. oh well, maybe some day I'll get my wish. Hope all is well with you and yours!

@ waffy: you this babe!!! Thank you for giving me an extremely hearty laugh! your support is so appreciated. So, na "presido" you dey call am, eh? Me na "Oga kpata kpata" I go dey call am oh!

Abeg, just kidding oh, me I no want wahala. lol!

@ Naijalines: my sista, abeg take God beg dem for me!!! You are right, there is no need for us to take ourselves so seriously. I swear I never mean to offend anyone. I might be passionate about Nigeria and serious about the issues, but it is never my intention to be "rude" and "insulting".

But, I guess I should be used to the receiving contrary emails. I get quite a few, but this one was so personal. Oh well

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. I truly appreciate you and everyone sharing your thoughts because for a second, I thought I was losing it. lol!

@ The AfroBeat: "If the presido don't like it, he can come and lock you up and shut down your blog"


Take that back, now, now, now!!!!


Thanks so much for your comment. **In best official, commercial voice** "This sentiment is not shared by SolomonSydelle"

Just in case. lol!

@ naijaguru: you deleted your comment? why? I'm not sure who you are, but I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that your opinion is important on this (and other) issue(s). So, when you change your mind, feel free to come back and leave your thoughts, ok?


@ God's child: Did you just call him Yar gini? Abeg, you people are trying bring wahala to my side! before they say I am encouraging bad behavior.

And on a serious note, I definitely share the following sentiment -

"God Bless you
God Bless me
God Bless Yardy
God Bless Nigeria!
oh wait o, God Bless my papa and my mama too!!!"

@ LG: Thank you so much for swinging by this way. You are too funny. I knew how I felt about the email and its suggestion, but I thought I should find out what others think and am glad that in general, readers don't find the nickname insulting or rude.

How are things with you?

@ Bola: Thank you so much for commenting on this issue. I have actually been told that using Yardy could be seen as rude by the political elite in Nigeria. That was last year and I just thought it wouldn't matter after all Yar'Adua is a busy person and wouldn't pay any mind to what we ordinary folk talk about. However, after receiving this email, I couldn't help but think about the advice I received last year.

Anyway, I think this has a lot to do with the whole concept of respect in Nigerian culture. However, I try not to allow that concept to interfere with the task of having a frank discussion about the 'going ons' in my country. It would be impossible, you know?

Thanks for swinging by!

@ Poeticallytinted: I actually want to know your nicknames...I am intrigued!

"What public figure doesn't have a nickname???? Sometimes, it is even a sign of affection."

Now that you mention it, there was a reader, last year, who thought "Yardy" was a sexy nickname. Ah, it was Femme.

@ Aloted: I hope Yardy isn't worried about something as little as a nickname. Considering the job he gets paid for, he has much bigger fish to fry. I don't get paid to do this, so there is no need to worry about a little nickname. He, and others, should definitely consider the issues we discuss here, because we are all interested in creating a better future for Nigeria. But, a nickname? I highly doubt Mr. President has the time.


Thanks so much for taking the time to join this conversation.

Femi B said...

Wow, some people are so touchy about things....where is FREEDOM oF SPEECH. it indeed is not insulting and peole have always shortended names or found nicknames for people. Eg. Oby, Obj, Uncle Sege, baba yabo,Olams, Ram Adesina..list is endless How about all those stand up comedians calling Obj a gorrlia or King Kong...abeg even if it is rude...abeg kini big deal?. The person is probably referring to your post and is using other means to portray his/her reasons.

Saheed said...

as long as your true name & address are not out there, you are sometimes these politicians take themselves too seriously when in reality they dont know what they are doing...

archiwiz said...

Phhbbbtt!!! Oh please! The emailer should take a load off. He is in PUBLIC office, not his private kingdom.

Dojaa said...

Elected officials can be given any nickname as long as they did not provide one for the masses.

Anonymous said...

S, MUCH ADO OVER A NICKNAME is a reason you have been labeled rock goddess and the love for you comes through from all the readers here. If people are truly concerned about rudeness, they had better wake up to an irrelevant future. Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." - Shakespeare.

vindication through innocence said...

lol!! I think i remember calling him!! Some people need to chillax...respect is given where it is need to be calling him 'oga sah Yar'adua'- Please forward me the guys email addy... next we'll be asked to call him 'Sir Lord Chief...' lol!! i heart YawnAdua!!hehehe! made my evening...

Anonymous said...

Abegi!! In fact. Solomon Sydelle, I'm going to make a Yardy/Baba Go Slow t-shirt and you can gift it to anyone you please via an on-blog competition or whatever.

I am pixed!!! [Silly Sugabelly way of saying pissed]

~Sugabelly Speaks~



Chxta said...

How's Yardy getting along by the way?

Femme said...

'ohhh yardiiiii.'
how are you and the kids? just wanted to say hi.

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