Friday, September 26, 2008

Nigerian music has always been an avenue for artists to express the fears, concerns and issues of the people. Fela Kuti lost his mother and ended up in jail on account of his criticism of various regimes. Sonny Okosun sang songs in support of the Anti-Apartheid movement.

Both Fela and Sonny Okosun are now departed but it seems that Nigerian musicians continue to use song to convey the import of current issues. For instance, Timaya's "Dem Mama" is a touching song that captures the horror of the Odi Massacre in 1999. Fela's son, Femi Kuti, also keeps the spirit of Afrobeat music alive with creative and inspiring music.

Then there is the latest song from Sound Sultan called "BushMeat". Born Olanrewaju Fasasi, he manages to create a message that is unique yet very Nigerian at the same time. With a clever use of double speak and an incredible play on words, Sound Sultan and fellow Nigerian artist TuFace Idibia create a song that is a herald's call to the people to wake up.

In many ways it is 'Rebel Music' of the kind Fela (AKA 'Baba') created and that has now become prophetic. Did I mention that I love 'Rebel Music'? Will this song ever be filed away in the halls with the incredible music Fela and others created? I am not sure, but I can personally attest that if you listen to the words of this song, you will be inspired to want a better Nigeria that belongs to the people and not just the 'Hunter'.

In the song, he asks the crucial question,

"When de bushmeat go catch de hunter?"
And, he goes on to eventually pose additional questions that force one to think a little deeper,

"What could be the answer,
Or could it be that we don't matter to them,
Cause they chop your money,
My money,
Every other person money..."
I personally don't have the answers to these questions, but am glad at the opportunity to ponder them.

With Nigerians creating more conscious, yet danceable and enjoyable music, the toils of 'Baba' and others who sacrificed for their art and their beliefs will not be in vain. I apologize for not having the lyrics to 'Bushmeat' and if anyone can provide them, I will be sure to add them to the post. Regardless, take the time to listen and I hope that you will be moved by the message.


As Fela famously said "Music Is The Weapon" and I believe that some day, the 'Bushmeat' will indeed catch the 'Hunter'!

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Anonymous said...

I dont believe this!!! I'm actually the first to comment. I have to celebrate this.
I'm so excited I dont even know what to write again.

Ah, Baba '70 is a legend any day. I think the man deserves a public holiday in his honour.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ this song... it is funny and at the same time it covers important and serious issues...
Sultan started with "I am something like a bush meat, I am searching for the hunter, If I ever catch the hunter..." that is the exact thing the common man in Nigeria is thinking and saying in their houses at night after NEPA takes light as they sit at home with their wife and kids in the dark with their dim, kerosine powered lanterns.

I like what 2face said 'If I tell u say e ba mi kigbe ole o, even thief go de follow go de shout ole. Who be the thief who be the catcher, who be the bush meat and who be the hunter...' that's the problem even the small thieves call the main thieves thieves...that's the root of out problem in naija too many thieves...

Femi B said...

I love that song.. my favorite part...even the thief go dey follow go shout Ole..
That is so true..


@ Naijaleta: Good to see you over here. Fela does deserve a national day in his honor, doesn't he? Hope all is well!

@ notjustok: hmmm, "too many thieves". Ah, we are all the problem, right but yet we all point fingers at others. Well, like I said, I have no answers but this song and these comments sure do create more issues to ponder...

Thanks so much for stopping by, my broda.

@ Femi B: Isn't it? I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I think we need more songs like this. I definitely enjoy listening to my Nigerian tracks that are created to simply make me dance, but when I can get a little conscious message in there, it makes me happy.

Thanks for coming by!

Sherri said...

i love the song to bits!
how have u been?i know i've been mia.

Remi Fagbohun said...

Thanks for visiting my page!
One of my brothers was a habitual shrine guy!! So I know all the Fela songs and miss them too.
Must go dig out my albums.


Dojaa said...

"Cause they chop your money,
My money,
Every other person money..."

And to show how greedy they are.....their own money too!

Anonymous said...

I love African Music.I can sing a song in Yuroba and I just learned Yeke Yeke..


wellsbaba said...

my sister,havent commented in a while but my love for dis bush meat track has shortlived my love this track die! my fav line "if I say ebami kigbe ole o,even thief go dey follow you they shout ole o!" I'm tellin you thats our problem in tis country,to many thieves we don't even know who is innocent...I once read this in the dialies....."the killers of bola Ige are searching for the killers of bola Ige!" can u imagine?! anywais,bout sound sultan,that guy is TALENTED! have you seen him perform on stage??? I don't know who is better D'banj or SS...he is soooo creative nd his a natural artiste

Abujamaiden said...

The kind of music I like. Not yahozee, bizzy body and the likes with good tunes but no substance.

Thanks for swinging by my virgin blog!!!

N.I.M.M.O said...

I think Sultan had always been very intellectual and political in his lyrics right from the beginning of his career. I have always thought of him as the new Fela.

If you listen to his 'Ajo' and some of his other songs particulalrly the one in which he used some children in the video. Can't remember the name of the song now. In that song he actually foretold that Obasanjo would seek a third term but we all thought he was joking.

Later events bore him out.

Anonymous said...

This Guy represent for real that is the type of naija boyz that i admire, aiming to set the record straight.

Check out another favourite and undisputed hit.
Eldee the don !!!!!. He shamed our crooked ,corrupt, lying thief thief leaders and politicians

Check him out y'all
Eldee the don

Anonymous said...

Eldee the don , I go yarn, I go speak my mind ....... they make dem self to be rich and they make us to poor, e don teeeeey................

Nigeria Music said...

Nigerian Music MTV Award Winner D'Banj Hottest Music Videos Download Why Me, Gbono Fe Le, Booty Call. Mo Hits In Da Building.

The Koko Master himself.

African Safari said...

If you love this type of music then I strongly suggest you listen to one of my favourite songs of all time... Senegal Fast Food by Amadou & Mariam. It's such a get up and dance song.

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