Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Nigeria's State Security Service or SSS, the same intelligence agency that shut down Channels TV for legally broadcasting incorrect information about President Yar'Adua, is at it again.

Jonathan Elendu, the writer at Elendu Reports, was arrested by Nigeria's SSS on Saturday evening upon arrival in Nigeria from the United States. Elendu was reportedly arrested to answer questions because his 'activities' have allegedly generated some national security issues. One publication specifically reported that Elendu was arrested for "sponsoring a guerilla news agency."[sic]

He was held for over 24 hours before he was interrogated. A spokesperson for the SSS told the Nigerian media that the "rule of law" would be followed and that Elendu wold be given an opportunity to defend himself, saying,
"Mr. Jonathan Elendu was invited today to answer questions on matters concerning national security which has to do wtih his reports. [sic] We are following the rule of law in whatever we are doing. After the question and answer, we can now establish the facts why he was invited."
It is not clear whether Elendu has been released or whether he will be held indefinitely. What is clear is that "other on-line publishers who are abroad run the risk of being arrested on their return to Nigeria."

News reports reveal that Elendu was mistaken to have some association with Sahara Reporters, a Nigerian site, hence the arrest. I have said it before and will say it again- although I can appreciate the interest in the sometimes sensationalist and "juicy" stories Sahara Reporters shares on its website, I am constantly taken back by their inability or refusal, to back up their claims and allegations. As a result, I personally do not endorse that site.

Nevertheless, association with Sahara Reporters on its own should not be cause for arrest, detention and the infringement of Constitutional and Human Rights. There was no need to ambush and arrest Elendu at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport. The SSS could simply have paid Elendu a visit at his residence and interviewed him there, after all he has not been declared a criminal and should not be treated as one simply for sharing ideas contrary to those of the status quo. At the end of the day, it does not matter what a Nigerian website or blogger says about Yar'Adua or Nigeria, what matters more is how Yar'Adua and the Nigerian government react to what is said. An overreaction from the government to comments is always absolutely unnecessary. If Elendu or anyone at Sahara Reporters has defamed anyone, then they should be sued in a court of law, not detained in an SSS cell or the like.

As one who has been warned many a time, and from numerous sources, to tone down my content and reporting on Nigeria and specifically Yar'Adua, I am unfortunately not surprised that a fellow Nigerian political junky has been arrested. In fact, I am shocked that independent Nigerian thinkers have been allowed to present and discuss political issues online for this long. For all those bloggers who have criticized my reluctance to introduce myself to them outside of my blog personality, I hope you will now understand my polite but absolutely staunch rejection to your requests.

Nigeria is an incredible country that has fought its way back from the complete madness of Abacha's reign of corruption and terror to what it is now - a struggling democracy with bright innovators, seeking to unilaterally transform a nation with little to no assistance. Part of this transformation stems from the ability to think critically and to analyze situations and issues with an eye towards the needed improvements that will benefit all Nigerians. That is not a character trait of the Nigerian people that should ever again be suppressed, especially not by a democratic administration. There is enough fear in Nigerians when it comes to politics and standing up for what is right. We have suffered from Persistent Psychological Paralysis for long enough that a democratic President, in this case Yar'Adua, should not be party to further destroying national participation in what rightly belongs to the citizenry - the freedom to express their concerns and ideas. After all, the Nigerian Constitution guarantees, as "Fundamental Rights" the freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of thought and conscience, and freedom from discrimination.

There are those who will again say, as they did when I wrote 'Nigeria, Be Careful What You Wish For', that I give too much 'credit' to Yar'Adua. They argued that the Channels fiasco was more likely a result of overzealous individuals trying to prove their loyalty to Aso Rock. Well, I wonder if those bloggers, whose opinions I respect greatly, specifically Ijebuman, N.I.M.M.O., and Chxta, still feel the same way.

Only last night, I joked with a fellow Nigerian blogger that I would not step foot on my fatherland until I had the personal assurance and protection of God Almighty. This most recent show of oppression is a great reminder to all that freedom is not a luxury from which many benefit. One such individual is Jonathan Elendu, who, if still in detention, must be released from custody.

And now, the internet is abuzz with rumors that the heads of others online publications Pointblanknews and Sahara Reporters, to be exact, are being "hunted" by the SSS. What is next?

To see how Nigerians are reacting to this latest incident, take a peek at NairaLand, a top Nigerian forum.

Hattip to Waffy for introducing me to this issue.

UPDATE: After reading my post, The Committee to Protect Bloggers has done a post on Elendu as well. Hopefully that will bring international attention to Elendu and his detention.
UPDATE: Reporters Without Borders is also looking into Elendu's case.
UPDATE: The SSS now claims that Elendu was not "arrested", just "invited" even though he has been held for 5 days without any contact with his family. They have now accused him of "money laundering".
UPDATE: The Frontline Blogger has picked up this story.
UPDATE: The BBC has finally featured Elendu's plight.
UPDATE: SSS now confirms Elendu arrest. Claims it is for "sedition".

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Femi B said...

WOw, this is absolutely ridiculous...Where is freedom of speech. Sydelle, continue jare...they all need to be exposed. Let us all be clear of the ongoings in Nigeria. And if they feel people wrongly report, let them sue and take it up with the court. I hope sey you have your lawyers ready. Even on this blogville sef lawyers are plenty. PLease continue to be fearless.

Anonymous said...

The Nairaland topic you linked has been featured on the home page due to the mention. Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before and will say it again- although I can appreciate the interest in the sometimes sensationalist and "juicy" stories Sahara Reporters shares on its website, I am constantly taken back by their inability or refusal, to back up their claims and allegations. As a result, I personally do not endorse that site. What???

Information is power and if a distorted Chinese whisper form is the norm in the age of Facebook, Nigeria will regress further. But acting tough and arresting citizen journalists will give credence to gossip. So why is it so hard to get information in Nigeria? No one person ever seems to be in overall control, or to have the whole picture. Press officers seemed to believe that Nigerians do not have a right to information or do not even know about the issues. Why is it that when there is someone willing to give an account of events, it is often to push their own agenda? That is the problem those clueless and inept people should be addressing.

Demand and supply is not only meant for accountants as those VIPs (Fela's definition) created the need for a new generation of bloggers, that niche is in response to the country's short comings. They should arrest every blogger on arrival and the response will be, DO NOT VISIT, NIGERIA, IT IS NOT SAFE! Where is the win-win in desperate action? The Ken Saro-Wiwa legacy will continue to have its effects since people just watched him die.

While NVS and others including this site chased BA over its brutish behavior, back home, our people in shackles remain voiceless as Amnesty International headlined Nigeria "The police are overstretched and under-resourced. Because of this, they rely heavily on confessions ... rather than on expensive investigations... the lack of fair trials in the country".

Sahara Reporters and the Nigerian governments may not pay each other courtesy visits but those responsible for country briefings had better wake up to their roles. It is not praise singing. It takes courage to work in relative obscurity, while dishonest people attain wealth and renown. That is why corruption is so pernicious and we must support Sahara Reporters, Jonathan Elendu and everyone! I may not like a lot of the gossip but I will defend the right to air it.


@ Femi B:my sista, see us see trouble. I do not know Elendu personally, but have read one or two of his articles. I have found those I read to be well thought out and researched. Now, that cannot be a reason to arrest anyone in a democracy. In a dictatorship, yes, but in the democratic Federal republic of Nigeria, that should not be the case.

The reality is that the way we react to the things that are said about us is key in this situation. From where I stand, this show of force - arresting Elendu upon arrival at the airport - was just so unnecessary.

It is just a shame because I remember when Yardy came to office and offered an olive branch to MEND, then declared his assets. So many believed that he would be different. Even I put my cynicism momentarily aside with an eye towards doing what I could to support Yardy in bettering Nigeria. Unfortunately, I and many others continue to feel underwhelmed by certain actions on the part of his 'subsidiaries'.

PPP in action, unfortunately. All around.

Thanks for stopping by. I actually didn't expect bloggers to touch this one. lol!

@ Nairaland: Thank you so much for stopping by. Your forum is one I have not had the priviledge to join, but whenever I peek in, your members always manage to be having thoughtful discussions on the issues of matter to me. This is just one of many. Thanks!

@ Beauty: Ah, Uncle beauty, I have explained in detail to Ababboy 2 why I do not endorse Sahara reporters oh. In fact, here is part of what I told him in our discussion on the AFC earlier this year,

"Truth be told, I don't consider them a source of verifiable information because far too often they have provided 'news' that is not properly researched but to each his own."

Now, you and I both know the importance of using online media in as responsible a way as possible. Although I will freely confess that i do not read that other website frequently enough to judge it, everytime I have been sent a story from there, I think to myself that it is merely a political gossip website. That does not mean that some of their stories do not pan out, but it does mean that no reputable publication, journalist or blogger should cite them as a source, unless the information can be verified.

Now, despite that, I agree with you. Like you said "we must support Sahara Reporters, Jonathan Elendu and everyone!" But, in my opinion, not because of the reasons you shared, but simply because the last time I looked at the Nigerian Constitution, it was not illegal to gossip. And as a lawyer, I can counsel anyone with confidence that if for any reason they have been slandered, they should simply seek a 'cease and desist' and/or take their defamer to court. Simple! No bullying, no aggression is ever necessary.

Now, of course, the SSS will claim that this is a matter of national security which requires that the delicate issues involved be kept outside of a court of law. But, considering Nigeria's history of tyrants, and the fact that the nation did not 'vote' for a dictator, the often paraded 'rule of law' should actually be respected. Visit Elendu, interview him, determine the problem, clarify your records and either take him to court or let him go immediately. Simple and short!

So, with that i encourage all Nigerian bloggers that blog about politics and that have no other citizenship than Nigerian to be wary about visiting the fatherland. You included, my brotha.

ijebuman said...

I've been a way for a while so i'm just catching up on the naija jist. So the SSS arrested Elendu??, I'm surprised they have people who actually read what is posted on line, I always thought our leaders and their idiotic servants (SSS,Police etc) were deaf and dumb to the 'noise' on the web, but it seems SR is really getting to them. I say kudos to SR, i'm off to the site to increase my monthly donation....

SR not reputable? non, it might be hit and miss sometimes but i trust them far more than the likes of "thisday" et al that recycle government propaganda. And if SR is not reputable (or have reputable sources) where do they get their exclusive pictures from (e.g picture of young Yardy posing with Naira notes and an AK47 etc)

Okey.Chukbyke C. said...

The only institution that 'works very well' in Nigeria is our SSS.... true to the name they acquired.
The only sad thing is that they work hard on Nigerians only and not also on the million of security ,social and economic dangers foreigners inside and outside Nigeria pose and carry out daily on the nation.
I wish other institutions can be as 'effective' as them in discharging their duties

Beauty said...

SR not reputable? non, it might be hit and miss sometimes but i trust them far more than the likes of "thisday" et al that recycle government propaganda re-enforces my education. SR & mainstream media are one and the same but to arrest any one for publishing fact/fiction shows desperation and closed for business. The bigger picture is yesterday's ignorance that should not exist any longer. to support or not to raises the bigger debate but I will not draw upon Freud's interpretation of Hamlet.

Are these fools looking to take us back into the Dark Ages? Our government has to wake up the fact that it is in sales, he who shouts loudest sells which could be another opportunity for those brand managers. But arresting people for writing trash? Our country will forever suffer the martyrdom of Ken Saro-Wiwa and that is not the way to make Nigeria great.

Now let us watch Mr. Jonathan Elendu & Sahara Reporters begin their galactic career take off. Advice to everyone else, don't get an MBA, blog trash and you will become a legal Yahoo boy, free. ps I aim to publish my next trip, hopefully, I will get picked up at the airport, anyone else wish to come on a free trip?

Anonymous said...

Like Ijebuman I am surprised the SSS even have people who read what is online. This is not about b"blogging trash" the Sun is trash but under the Constitution as NC states "it is not illegal to gossip" and anyway gossip is subjective! Anyway you look at this it is outrageous and proof to all of us that Nigeria is a police state run by bullies and Nigeria as a democratic state is a damn lie. Everyone who writes is at risk - people laughed at me when I said I was wary about my recent first post blogging visit to Nigeria - now I know I was write to be concerned.

Anonymous said...

Beauty @ I will come with you and stand with you but Nigerian prison? wooooooooooo! :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Solomonsydelle,

I believe I mentioned this in a previous comment: that what Nigeria has is a "Democratic Form" of government, but not Democratic in substance. The worst possible combination is a Dictatorship masquerading as a Democracy, because it can very easily justify its tyrannical behavior with such catch phrases as "National Security", "Rule of Law","Constitutional Imperative", among others, all of which can be interpreted according to the whim of the tyrant. And, having no transparency in the access to information, all other contrary reports can be dismissed as rumors or gossip.

If an independent body such as the UN or Amnesty International were to look at the country, they would not be able to accurately verify news of any abuse or power or unconstitutional action. The government has principles and freedoms lined up, it has a legislature, and people's assemblies (most probably headed by, and dotted with, personalities with canine loyalty to the powers that be) who would be singing hossanahs to the dictator at the drop of a hat.

Events can be contrived or staged, witnesses can be manufactured, the media can be bought or coerced, so what contrary view will prevail against the official version. I know this method well because I experienced 20 years of Ferdinand Marcos' dictatorship which he called "Constitutional Authoritarianism" - meaning that his Authority is within the bounds of the Constitution (which he himself practically wrote by threatening those who were elected to the constitutional convention - aside from those he funded to make it to the convention as "independent delegates". He also had a legislative assembly full of his lackeys and which acted as a rubber stamp congress of the dictator. All oppositionists were incarcerated for such crimes as rebellion, sedition, murder, treason etc. The form was perceived by the outside world as Democratic, but it was far from being so. The only freedom that prevailed was the freedom for Marcos to do what he wanted.

Remember this Solomonsydelle, if an entire government, or its powerful arm overreacts to mere commentary and attempts to scare all others into silence or submission, that government is weak in substance because it cannot use reason and uses violence instead. Violence is the absence of reason, and such absence of so critical an element does not make it a democracy. If Yar'Adua tolerates this abuse, then chances are he condones it.

I know that you may have pinned your hopes on the vision as stated by Yar'Adua, and are perhaps enamored still by his promise and early actions. But if you remove those rose tinted glasses and open your eyes to the truth, you will not find Democracy in such a setting - I'm sorry to say. I hope I'm wrong, but from your own posts, this is what I can deduce, perhaps you only refuse to accept it as such. :-) --Durano, done!

Abbie said...

I don't mean to sound heartless but seriously, why was anyone expecting any less from the SSS. When you set your expectations accordingly, nothing will suprise you or catch you off guard. Nigerian Democracy is a big joke. *Hiss*

SSD, I agree, only and only when you get that personal assurance from God almighty should you even think of stepping foot in our "motherland" sho gbo?

N.I.M.M.O said...

I had left a rather long message here about an hour ago but it seems to have just disappeared. I cannot retype the whole thing all over now but will try and recapture the gist - in fewer words.

While I do not subscribe to the idea of any Nigerian being deprived of his freedom for ANY reason, I will beg to disagree with most of the opinions expressed her and on other sites.

I had been out of town and thus just reading about Jon Elendu's 'arrest' ('invitation' according to the SSS). Naturally, I had gone to the website to read his latest reports if only to see the 'offending' report but there was nothing really.

I will however draw our attention to this report made on Rivers state's Governor Rotimi Amaechi who is at the moment involved in a battle with powerful people within their PDP.

The report is here:

While I am impressed with Elendu's investigative reporting style, I think that he gives too much information sometimes. Or rather too much details. And in our environment this may put his sources in trouble.

In this particular report, you will notice that he closes by saying they have not being paid by Amaechi's government yet thus there could be any number of meanings being read into this depending on the persons and purposes.

I have had the privilege of working in a newspaper and radio station, so I have an idea how things work there. On the other hand, I have also had the privilege of consulting for/providing services to some security agencies in this country before so I also have an idea how things work in there too. I cannot say more than that.

There is a rivalry between Nigerian journalists and security operatives with regards to access to information and its dissemination (or concealment). I believe its same almost all over the world.

Let me take this report as an example.

Two major national(?) newspapers had reported that the EFCC had frozen the accounts of Amachi's government and subsequently arrested his chief of staff and Secretary of state. (I can bet that the story was planted by the EFCC itself.)

I wonder how anybody would have believed that a person can convert a personal bank account to an institutional one in this country. Even a primary six pupil knows that!

Note the arrogance in the reply of the EFCC spokesman to Elendu's SMS enquiry. Babafemi was so sure of himself and his operatives who had provided him with the information and given him iron-clad proof of the guilt of Amaechi and his men.

The next step would be to get Farida to call a press conference and present the 'evidence'. Some people get promoted for a job well done. Right?


You see, there is this 'small boy' who calls himself Jonathan Elendu who goes out to actually talk to the bankers and investigates the whole story and comes up with a more believable version of the truth. Then he puts it on the internet. Of all places!

If you have been following my story you can imagine happens. Babafemi gets to the office to see the story on his desks. He looks stupid before his bosses and subordinates.

Heads must roll.

In case you didn't know, there is a network among the security agencies. So somebody told somebody who told somebody that the 'foolish boy' Elendu is coming to Abuja on so-so date with so-so flight. The SSS are usually the attack dogs in operations like this.

This is getting rather too long

N.I.M.M.O said...

As they say, when elephants fight, the best thing is for the grasses to get as far away as possible from the scene of the action. If they can.

I do not think that Elendu was arrested for his blogging activities. I believe there is more to this than that.

I have read very many blogs and stories on this issue. From the intellectually sublime to some ridiculous ones like the 'notice me' (Me too!) by

I cannot go into too much details but I believe it takes an understanding of the psyche of the security operatives to be able to put this into context.

Whatever happens though, Jon Elendu will most likely come out of this larger than life. They will have succeeded in making him more successful.

Anonymous said...

I have had the privilege of working in a newspaper and radio station, so I have an idea how things work there. On the other hand, I have also had the privilege of consulting for/providing services to some security agencies in this country before so I also have an idea how things work in there too. I cannot say more than that.??? Is this person serious? Who cares about the issues or the trash being blogged or blogged about? Is this a pattern of future things to come? To be invited/arrested by State Security Service on "acts of sedition" for writing trash is not progressive. Those people created an environment where access to information became quest for holy grail and there will be many more arrests before this dust settles.

Sugabelly said...

Did a post on the issue. I am irritated and furious.

bumight said...

I read NIMMO's comment and I have to say it sounds very plausible.
I read the report that NIMMO posted and I must also agree that it is very well researched with a little too much information.

however, it is still not right for the EFCC to arrest him. Its almost becoming a trend for people's freedom of speech to be stifled. If this trend continues, we would find ourselves back in the Abacha days.

though I must say that with the amount of work put into Elendu's reports, the EFCC will only end up making him more successful!

PS: so SSD, do you want to rethink your naija trip? lol!

Jennifer A. said...


All I can say is that I now understand why you shy away from too much publicity. As it would seem, there is no real democracy in Nigeria. The Government is apparently militia!

Jennifer A. said...

I just finished reading Half of a Yellow sun, and I smell something very sinister going on with the Nigerian Government. I rest my case! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

wow, how do you collect your information...and he is a blogger

Anonymous said...

God have mercy! This is another blow on our already battered image in the international community.

How can a blogger be deatained for days without a court trial? Sometimes, one is tempted to agree with those that insist that Nigeria's political case is a hopeless one.

Every where I go online, I am quick to say that I am proudly Nigerian. In this case, I cover my face 'cos I am really ashame :-(

How can the same government that is canvassing for Nigerians in diaspora to return home and build the economy condone such act by one of its agency?

If a blogger must hide his identity because of fear of being apprehended as a common criminal, then I wonder what kind of Human Right we are really practicing.

Thanks for shouting this out. I pray for Elendu and his family (the poor people, must be going true some psychological truma). "Na wa for naija! I bin no no say person fit enter trouble like dat"

ababoypart2 said...

NC, we have had ‘discussions’ about Sahara in the pat and I guess we will sort of disagree on this one. SR - there is a bit of ‘The Sun’ newspaper about them and I also don’t sit well with sources that remain unnamed i.e. A source who begged not to be named blab la bla – but that is how they all operate. Who knows they could be making up stories in their badrooms. But I am yet to read any articles on their site that has been 100% false - not on the likes of Ribadu, Yardy’s health or the Ibori/ Aondoakaa link. It’s hard to dispute photos. I must confess though that I am not a regular reader, so I could have missed some spicy lies.

But like you wrote “If Elendu or anyone at Sahara Reporters has defamed anyone, then they should be sued in a court of law, not detained in an SSS cell or the like”

So why cant Mr Rule of Law take the same approach?

This is a dangerous trend led by those who are holding Yardy hostage…Or by Yardy himself, he seems like a shifty character.....

'Yar Mama said...

The more things change, the more they remain the same...

olusimeon said...

this is mega -sad..a whole week going and he has not been allowed contact with family and not even charged to court..and now can you imagine that the likes of the channels and ait have failed to mention this (or have they ? )- so we can assume that they are now para-government news agencies..

Anonymous said...

i see the headlines on sahara and i want to cry.. said...

The SSS are back again?! Yardua is now in the business of suppressing freedom of speech and trampling on our fundamental human rights...Yardua's only solution to his failed govt. and our nation's political problems is to revert to the draconian rules (not rule of law) reminiscent of the dark days of IBB and Abacha.
We all should now be afraid of another failed Nigerian despot, huh?!...let it be known though that my voice can NEVER be silenced; not by YARDUA, and not even by his criminal thugfather who ruled before him, OBJ...because the pen is mightier than the sword.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I forgot I had one for a while. lol

This is so unbelievable. Just when I start to think of running back to Naija to escape the American economy, I read this! I think I'll just drink my garri here.

Anonymous said...

Your NIGERIAN BLOGGERS ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS.. #14 Chidi Opara's "Real Reason Why Nigerian Online News Publisher Was Arrested" seemed to be a government mis-information report. It is clearly modeled on JE version 1 and it seemed to have missed the point. The reasons for the arrest is not the issue, it is in the due process and rights of the individual. Chidi Opara Reports suggestion that JE is part of the smokes and mirrors of Abuja is acceptable but why does he remain incarcerated and uncharged?

History showed that the whole world did not do enough for Ken Saro-Wiwa, he is dead! It takes courage to leave your country and live somewhere else. That is another debate but demanding the the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Jonathan Elendu, or his arraignment before a court of competent jurisdiction, if he is suspected to have contravened any laws of the land is the collective goal.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Elendu should be released before he disappears into thin air. They have changed the subject from National security to Money laundering,from SSS to EFCC.
I am glad the BBC has the news and will be updated. God help us and please keep JE safe.

Anonymous said...

Prisoners of Conscience, Prisoners of Justice, Prisoner of Freedom et al are rightful (& now desirable) titles the Gani Fawehinmis, late Beko Ransome-Kutis, Joe Odumakin, Segun Mayegun, and many mmore activists have earned. These ‘prison’ experiences have stamped their footprints in the sands of time.

Reading the title, I was pretty worried but, decided to check on the ‘blogger’s’ blog before making my comments. The first striking thing about the blog is that it gives the view of a journalist’s page. Now, might have let it pass but, come with me, let us analyse:
1. A blogger write personal experiences, shares opinions and the likes but, I doubt a blogger is a ‘reported journalist’. What means thee, you might ask?
2. A journalist worth his (oops, his is plural oh) onions will never publish a reported events except he covers such events personally. What aims thee at?

Now, if he is a blogger who was just returning from America under what authority did he put up those articles on his page (which he signed by the way)? I daresay, it must be reported articles from online newspapers et al……. Do you get where I am going?

I will hold my peace till we know what he is being charged for. However, ‘twould be pretty sad if he is held longer than the maximum period before he is charged. That would be an outright disregard for the rule of law.

My thots, writing about Nigerian issues is done in one of two ways……………expressing your opinions which is personal (based on matters arising in the Country) and stating the facts which is truth (based on researches you carried out personally).

‘tis impossible to be arrested for expressing your opinions but, if arrested for stating the facts, then, you shall have your day in court and be vindicated.

Fact is anybody can be arrested (as long as one is charged within the purview of law). Moreover, arresting someone does not necessarily mean the person is guilty.

Beauty said...

I will hold my peace till we know what he is being charged for is a symptom of PPP that gladly does not affect every Nigerian. There are such things as duty and obligation but the doing is the only way forward.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Beauty: I don't know how old you are but you come across as rather ignorant and naive ... or just plain conceited.


@ NIMMO and Beauty: Guys, I respect both of you incredibly. After taking a quick peek at some of the above comments, I just want to make sure that we do not get sidetracked. The goal is to focus as much attention on Elendu, so please I don't want any of us to offend each other in the process. We will always need each other to get things done and I cannot afford for either of you to be upset because I will need you guys to get things done on Friday.

Abeg make una no begin dey fight oh.

Let's focus our passion and maybe even impatience on those who truly deserve it.

Nairasource said...

This is a sad news.

hope he goes through the right process of law.

Anonymous said...

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