Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The first Black President of the United States of America.

This is a historic moment.

Remember where you were when this happened.

And for the rest of the world, Nigeria in particular, YES WE CAN!


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[G@ttoGiallo] said...

My gosh Sol, He got it !!!

NneomaMD said...


Anonymous said...

Yes we can!!!!!!!!!!! said...



Anonymous said...

SECT MEMBERS ARRESTED IN KATSINA. am glad jonathan eledu has been released. now how about the scores of others arrested and still detained by the sss with out charge? like in katsina state the sss has recently arrested members of one hijiriyya sect because of the opinion they hold about their religion. this is akin to the fbi arresting mormons in utah for holding opinions counter to the mainstream christians. between 40 to 50 youths were arrested and incarcerated with no intention of charging them to court. stories coming out indicated that they were being tortured using water boarding techniques etc. of course the sss learned about water boarding from the cia. how preposterous in a democratic dispensation and to think the katsina state governor is a lawyer really beats me.
freedom of expression is for all of us and the earlier we start fighting for it the better for all of us in the long run.
keep on the good work solomomdelle

Shubby Doo said...

‘Nothing happens unless first a dream.’ (Carl Sandburg)
Despite our blighted dreams of the past…Barack Obama *smiles madly*…won…by a huge mile… he is now an inspiration for the future!

‘No army can stop an idea whose time has come.’ (Victor Hugo)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Obama!

Beauty said...

@ Anonymous your like in katsina state the sss has recently arrested members of one hijiriyya sect because of the opinion they hold about their religion. , you have left the same comment on my blog. Would you be kind to give more details? Are these the same people in the Alhaji Muhammadu Yunusa Danyaya, Emir of Ningi story & headlines in May 2008?

“The teenage daughter of Mrs. Joseph was converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man,” he said. “Up to this moment I am speaking to you, we have not been able to rescue this girl from these Muslims.”

You informed that they were arrested by SSS for their opinion in Katsina, the fifth northern state to formally adopt Islamic law /Sharia under Governor Umar Musa Yar'Adua? Freedom is important to all but so is information. Pls comment.

NIGERIAN CURIOSITY, sorry for using yr space to convey this msg that is in reply to the anon info.

Obama wins historic US election said it all, he deserved it and confirmed USA has embraced change. Congratulations to all and pls spread some of the hope our way by helping to educate our lot by action.

Today's ranting said...

This is such a phenomenal win. The election went beyond the issue of race as Americans saw reasons to vote logically based on policies especially that of the economy which has affected the ordinary man in the streets. A landslide victory for taht matter which I never anticipated cause I was scared of the Bradley effect. He even outperformed Mccain in some predominantly white states.Now the time for change has begun and I hope that he is able to deliver what he has promised considering the fact that expectations from him are immensely high. I wonder how he will deliver some of those promises especially the ones regarding health care if one puts into consideration that America has national depth worth trillions of dollars. GOD BLESS OBAMA, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! By the way, did you vote?

Femi B said...

Yes we can...Femi B the first female President of about that?

Atutupoyoyo said...

Hey Solly

Missed u.

It has been heaven sent,

We ARE ready to have a black president

Great work on your coverage of the Elendu story. The level of coverage in the local Nigerian media has been spectacular. Spectacularly non-existent.

You would have heard by now of the innocent woman who was beaten and stripped naked by Naval officers in Victoria Island.

Democracy remains a theoretical concept in this country. Please publicise this case as well.

Anonymous said...

We DID it! :-)

TheAfroBeat said...

yes we can o! YES WE MUST! Finally sorted out the administrator problem with tAB, so we're back up and running.

It is amazing what persistence and collective can achieve anywhere in the world, and Nigeria is no exception. Thank you for pushing on the Elendu case, and to anonymous who menitoned the countless other detainees of the Nigerian SS, we will have to persist, one step, one day, one problem at a time...TILL WE GET THERE.

Happy Obama Day!

Anonymous said...

congratulations to Barack Obama and american

Anonymous said...

congrats to obama and to all black people in the world. america has chosen change and they got it. we in nigeria should emulate this in all spheres of our national life. or else we remain backward

very interesting story about sss arrests above by one anonymous. we need more details if we are to take it seriously.

beauty...must be an alien for confusing katsina with ningi. for his benefit the two villages are in different states. may be the other comments are equally riddled with same confusion. need someone to confirm these stories

Geebee said...

Yes we can! Barack Obama has indeed done it for the black race. I believe this is indeed the beginning of greater things to come. The first shall be the last and the last, first. The saying has actually come true! God bless America! God bless the black race!

guerreiranigeriana said...

...yay for obama!...

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