Monday, January 5, 2009

Another year bites the dust and Nigerian Curiosity has 279 posts with much more to come. Just like last year, I am yet to get a complete handle on the complexities of Nigeria and its people. Case in point, the draconian measures by the SSS with regard to journalists and especially Nigerian political bloggers continues to be mind boggling. Particularly as Jonathan Elendu and Emeka Emmanuel Asiwe continue to be 'detained' in Nigeria with little to no chance of being allowed to return to their homes in the United States.

2008 started off well with a hearty debate over the Nigerian Curiosity Person of the Year - Michael Aondoakaa. And, discussion soon moved onto talk of 'Revolution'. Over the months, there was a continued emphasis on Nigeria's path towards true democracy but there was also greater focus on social issues such as

  1. Poverty or Peace?
  2. Money Rituals
  3. Being Duped By A Family Member
  4. Nigeria vs. Nigerians
  5. Are the Poor To Blame For Their Poverty?
  6. Values
  7. The Demons That Hold Sway Over Nigeria
  8. Guilty By Association
  9. Selling Cigarettes to Nigeria's Children
  10. Much Ado Over a Nickname?
There was also a focus on Nigeria's energy issues - ranging from electricity to oil production. Posts such as
  1. Nigeria's Oil Expiration Date Draws Near
  2. No Longer King of African Crude
  3. Nigerian Power Scandal: Authority Stealing
  4. Power Blackouts Loom Across Nigeria
  5. Solar Energy Plans
  6. Could Coal Power Be A Solution
  7. Nigeria Is Full of Gas
There was also the Brutish Airways saga when 136 Nigerians were flung off a plane. Brutish Airways has sued Ayodeji Omotade, the gentleman who tried to prevent the inhumane treatment of a fellow passenger on the flight. A link to the many articles related to that issue are available on the main page of the website. Ad, of course, there was the introduction of my concept on the Nigeiran psyche - Persistent Psychological Paralysis, which generated spirited discussion.

I must not neglect to point out the most popular post of 2008. It just so happened to be Patrick Obahiagbon - My Favorite Parliamentarian? Clearly, Patrick Obahiagbon's very 'colorful' manner of speech was just as entertaining to readers as it was to me. Thanks to Waffarian for taking the time to translate the interview because many Nigerians and non-Nigerians were unable to follow the Senators statements.

Once November rolled around, however, things definitely picked up pace. Unfortunately, that was because of Yar'Adua's health issues and the resulting crackdown on freedom of speech and democracy what with the closure of Channels TV, the arrest of journalists and the detention of Nigerian bloggers.

The actions of the government in the last few months however, have fueled my commitment to continuing to write at Nigerian Curiosity so as to encourage better behavior and respect of democratic values by Nigeria's leadership and people. As such, Nigerian Curiosity will keep chugging on with articles that illuminate what is happening in Nigeria and where Nigeria is going.

I have included a Skribit widget on the website that will allow all readers to contact me and tell me what issues or possible news stories you want me to cover. I hope that this tool will further communication and help me deliver what readers want. Over the course of 2008, many readers guided the articles I wrote by simply contacting me and making their requests. Hopefully the Skribit widget will make this easier for more readers in 2009.

And with that, I wish everyone a wonderful new year. Thank you for all your support in 2008. Now that Obama is going to be President of the United States and God now has time to consider the requests of us mere mortals,I wish for you that 2009 will be a year of fulfillment, satisfaction and success. By the way, who/what do you think should be the Nigerian Curiosity of 2008? Your suggestions are needed. The Nigerian Curiosity of 2008 can be a person, a concept/idea, an organization or anything that you believe had the greatest impact on Nigeria and Nigerians.

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Geebee said...

Thank God for bringing us into a new year. I believe we need a serious soul-searching as a nation and a new determination to address our problems and make for the creation of a better and greater Nigeria. It could all begin with 2009. I totally agree with Nigerian Curiosity's resolutions for the year 2009. May God bless Nigeria. Happy New Year!

Lost at The End said...

It's been a good year for you and all those of us who follow your blog. Nice work here. Keep up the good work o.


@ Gbenga: Yes, 2009 could definitely be the beginning of a better Nigeria. In fact, I actually believe it is possible and will soon reveal why that is the case.

Blessing on you and yours. Thanks so much for stopping by.

@ Lost: Thanks so much, your opinion is greatly appreciated. I like to think 2008 was a good year and that the blog is a good one. And, yes, I will keep up the good work with the help of readers and fellow bloggers like you. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. looking forward to some stimulating discussion on a plethora of Nigerian issues.. keep firing away...

princekay123 said...


Happy New Year!
Please continue to touch minds through your own little way. I blieve Naija will be better for it. God will fulfil His promise this year!


@ Danny: Happy New Year and thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to be able to supply some stimulating conversations in 2009, but know that your recommendations will go a long way in achieving that goal.

See you around.

@ Princekay123: Happy new yam, oh, my broda. Amen to that prayer. Thanks you so much for the support and advice. 2009 will be an excellent year!

webround said...

Happy New Year.
I watched the video of your Favorite Parliamentarian. Reminded me of the student union leaders back in my undergrad days

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