Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Have you nominated someone or something to be the Nigerian Curiosity of 2008?

The race is still on to determine the Nigerian Curiosity of 2008. Who or what would you recommend? A villain? A dreamer? An activist? A concept? An organization? It doesn't matter who or what as long as it/(s)he arguably had an impact on Nigeria and Nigerians.

So far, Adam Oshiomole and President Yar'Adua have been nominated. I can think of a few other possibilities. Can you?

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N.I.M.M.O said...

Nuhu Ribadu.

But is he really such a Nigerian Curiosity?


lol @ NIMMO. That's for you to determine.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "common" Nigerian is the curiousity... Against all odds, he/she has refused to lie down and die, but is fighting for existence, ekeing out a living inspite of the odds....


@ Danny: Once again, "the Nigerian" is nominated and for very good reason. I definitely agree that the average Nigerian is as hardy as they come given their realities and as such, should be considered a 'curiosity'.

Another to consider. Thank you.

NneomaMD said...

Hmmm, I was thinking of other heavyweights until I read danny's comment. I agree. Alot has happened this past year to Nigerians and we have proven ourselves stronger - what easily comes to mind is the protest against BAA (or was that 2007), our refusal to ignore the Okere beating, and our interest in maintaining our basic rights. Yes, there are many that have gone wrong and many ways in which we as a people have failed, but I still maintain that 2008 is a year of promise for better things to come.

The Activist said...

Funmi Iyanda
Dora Akunyili
Bar. Funmi Falana
Pastor Nike Adeyemi

These women have made impact one way or the other

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