Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In a push to increase skilled foreign language speakers of 35 specific languages, the US Army will now accept temporary visa holders and make them American citizens in approximately 6 months. Prior to the commencement of this new one year pilot program, the Army could only recruit non citizens that were green card holders. The Army believes this move will help it with "cultural awareness" and also, with the recruitment of doctors, nurses and other skilled individuals, as recruitment is at an all time low.

One of the languages being recruited for is Igbo, a language spoken primarily in Eastern Nigeria. As such, any Nigerians who speak Igbo and are currently in the United States on a temporary visa (work, school visa) are eligible. The typical path to citizenship for such individuals would take at least 10 years and cost $675 or more excluding legal fees. However, the recruitment push means that the usual time and financial requirements for naturalization will be waived by the Army.

The army is seeking speakers of Arabic, Chinese, Kurdish, Nepalese, Russian and many other languages. It is unclear why Igbo is one of the languages being sought. One can only wonder if there are any ties to the Niger Delta region being that in 2007, there were reports of American military involvement in the region on anti-piracy missions. However, if that is the case, other languages should be sought, such as Kalabari and Ijaw, which are some of the languages spoken by the many smaller tribes of the Delta.

Whatever the reasons for this push are, it will be interesting to see how many Igbo speakers choose to take advantage of this opportunity to help the US Army and of course, become American citizens.

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bumight said...

i actually read about this a while ago on huffington post, but i didnt see the part about "igbo speakers" being wanted. this just goes to show how desperate the army is for new recruits.

Adaeze said...

man I'm getting chills reading this...yeah, its very INTERESTING indeed..why they want igbo speakers.. Sorry I just find it kind of appalling the way the American Army "bribe" people to join them.

Femi B said...

I heard this a few days ago too, but not the igbo part..hey Its interesting sha....I can imagine theres a catch somewhere....abi isnt it America

Sugabelly said...

sugabelly is NEVER joining the army. NEVER.

loomnie said...

Perhaps simply because there is a large pool of Igbo people in the US?

poeticallytinted said...

They are so desperate!

mingus said...

well! there is usually a catch somewhere and as usual we will find out @ 'the right time'

Jess said...

I find this very very hilarious. I will refer a few friends to this as long as they cut me in monetary terms. Hold up! What's wrong with Hausa?

I'm sure the catch is that you can't leave at your own will. Which means you'll be a slave!

Anonymous said...

Yoruba 18.850.000
Hausa 18.525.000
Igbo 18.000.000
Kanuri 3.000.000
Tiv 2.212.000
Ibibio 2.000.000
Ebira 1.000.000
Edo 1.000.000
Izon 1.000.000
Igala 800.000
Nupe 800.000
Idoma 600.000
Urhobo 546.000
Isoko 423.000
Efik 400.000
Bade 250.000

According to info above, the list of widely spoken languages in Nigeria. Where do those asking why questions think there is a conflict that requires a miltary deployment? hmmmm. Creating jobs that is not available in Nigeria is not such bad idea or is it?

Geebee said...

'Igbo speakers?' Now this sounds good but what's up with Yoruba and Hausa speakers etc? I'm tempted to agree with Naija Sapphire though. There might well be a catch . . . you'll be tied to the American army forever perhaps. What more definition can we give slavery? I have an uncle who recently retired from the US Army after being there since 1981. Throughout his service period, 'bros'came home just once. can you beat that?

joicee said...

Very interesting indeed...But I think something's gotta give though...somehow somewhere
But for those who are in real in need of this opportunity I say why not...

bumight said...

there's no catch anywhere. thats why joining the army is voluntary, and that's why America had one of the largest military - at least before all these wars.
u need the money/citizenship/whatever they offer u, they need ur time in years.

Anonymous said...

hehe how will they test a person's ability to speak Igbo (bia do these people even think???)...every naija person can kuku apply then. Even if they create test, Abdul or Gbenga can easily get Ike to give them crash course in Igbo in 1mth...no shaking
I read it and reread it like 3x, and thought hmmmm I trust my brothers are waiting for it to open, they'll be tons of applications thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

It is for AFRICOM

Anonymous said...

lol @ God's child

Chxta said...

Get their loyalty, then later in life send them over to Naija as spies. Is that too far fetched?


@ Gods child: you are too much! Igbo kwenu!!!!

@ OZ: hmm, I have been thinking a lot about this since I read your comment. Can you expand?

@ Chxta: Ol' boy, you know I am a serious lover of a good conspiracy theory. This too me is not far fetched. If it makes good foreign policy for the States, then that is what the government will do, and I, for one, cannot blame anyone for making smart decisions.

But, what exactly would be the reason to target Igbos in this way? Would it be because Igbo people feel marginalized? Thus, targeting them to eventually turn them? Anyway, interesting look at the issue. So, you dey Lagos? How far? I need to send you a message.

Anonymous said...

Pls i want somebody to tell me the truth, I am really confused. Is it true that the usarmy wants Nigerians? Pls send me mail.... euchennajames@yahoo.com. I would be very glad> THANKS!

Dojaa said...

Will they send the people to Afghanistan?

STB said...

yes they will send everyone of you to afghanistan and yet to be invaded war zones ..... :D

Unknown said...

Theres def is some plan behind all these too good to be true offers.
But trust Nigerians,if they need it,why not?

Anonymous said...

uhmmm! This people get plan oho! Maybe there are depreciating over they at afghanstan and they need igbos like to send to war, una no well.

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