Thursday, March 26, 2009

Take you to the G20 Summit.

Nigerian blogger, Sokari Ekine, is one of 50 bloggers from G20 Voice that was invited to the Summit on April 2nd. Sokari Ekine owns and runs and is a contributor to Kabissa, Global Voices, Pambazuka, NPR's Media Shift and various other organizations. She is a well recognized political activist who focuses on presenting a progressive and feminist perspective of Africa and the African Diaspora.
Sokari was a key asset in the 'Free Jonathan Elendu Now' campaign last November and she devoted hours to creating innovative ideas and providing connections to get as many people in the world aware of the plight of Nigerian bloggers like Elendu and Emeka Emmanuel Asiwe. She continues to lend her time to many efforts all over the continent. It is amazing that she, and other bloggers, are being recognized in this manner for their hardwork and consistent dedication to the issues they care about.

Congratulations to Sokari Ekine. She proves that giving a voice to the voiceless on the continent can be rewarding and there is no doubt that she will turn this opportunity into an asset for the continent that she loves so much.

Please read Sokari's blog post on blogging from the G20 Summit.

Hattip to Oz for pointing me to Loy's post at StartupsNigeria

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Dojaa said...

She is an intelligent woman doing something positive, I have visited her blog a few times. Solomonsydelle is also doing a good job!

Sugabelly said...

Yay, maybe soon we'll get to go too!!!!!!

*Does excited raindance around laptop*

princekay123 said...

I've been to her blog too; she's great. Just like you, she is enlightening people and also empowering the young people.

Chxta said...

Well, she is a great writer no doubt, but we tend to be on opposing sides of the fence more often than not...

Anonymous said...

she's doing great...kudos to her...

Anonymous said...

Sokari is a remarkable lady and commendable for her "staying power", and the same goes to Daudi Were (kenyan), both will be representing the continent at the event. One thing common to these guys is their commitment and passion.

From TED conference to the recently concluded yearly SXSW event in Texas, there are excellent opportunities out there for bloggers to 'get out', particularly Nigerian crowd, who often think everything revolves around the 'N' word. For instance, even though Kenya is a fraction of Nigeria's size, it beats Nigeria hands down when it comes to web stuff - be it in terms collaboration or web-driven real time advocacy!

The Activist said...

I met Sokari in India and I was really impressed by her person and her passion for development. I am so proud of her and she is a qualify person to rep us at G20!

Congrats dear Sokari! said...

Nigeria Politricks have had the honor to be reviewed by this exteemed political activist & blogger, Sokari Ekine -

Sokari is not only an inspiration to many, but has steadfastly championed issues affecting Africans in Africa and in the diaspora. Well deserved recognition!!!


@ Doja: Sokari is definitely an inspiration, isn't she? Thanks for the kind words.

@ Sugabelly: I worry that if someone allowed you into that Summit you would 'deal' with all those politicians decisively, lol! Happy belated bday!

BTW, you need to film yourself doing the raindance...=)

@ Prince: long time no see. How body? She is definitely enlightening her readers and is an inspiration to many. How Lagos?

@ Chxta: And that is why you are who you are. Despite the differences in opinion, you have no problem congratulating her. Nice. Are you still in Lagos?

@ Farida: Hey you. You should check out her blog, if you are yet to. How are things? Are you back from Dubai?

@ Imnakoya: You are absolutely correct. 1000%. Kenya's presence online is impressive and the amount of collaboration their bloggers have puts us Nigerian bloggers to shame any day. We can definitely learn from them and other communities how to use this blogging opportunity and transform it into something beneficial on an individual and group level.

@ Standtall: Another activist doing things. How you dey? She is definitely the kind of person to rep us at the G@0 in whatever capacity. Her and the other bloggers invited are quite incredible. How are things? When do you get to Chicago?

@ Mr. Politricks: "
Sokari is not only an inspiration to many, but has steadfastly championed issues affecting Africans in Africa and in the diaspora. Well deserved recognition!!!"

Very well said. couldn't agree with you more. So, when will you update your blog? I'll stop bugging you when you take the time to update. =)

SOKARI said...


Anonymous said...


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