Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nigerian Curiosity was voted Best Nigerian Politics Blog at the Naija Bloggers Award, and i thank all those who took the time to vote. Your support is greatly appreciated. Although, Nigerian Curiosity won the category, the truth is that every single blog that was nominated for that spot is a blog worth reading and that I read on a regular basis. Hence, I would like to encourage anyone reading this, to take a second and visit the following Nigerian blogs -

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Thanks, once again, to all those who took the time to share their thoughts this week at Nigerian Curiosity. And the commenters this week were -
  1. nneoma
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  3. JustDB
  4. 9ja_Kuti
  5. imnakoya
  6. Stanis
  7. webround
  8. Ms. emmotions
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  19. My World
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  22. Chxta
  23. fareedasview
  24. StandTall-The Activist
For next week, I will briefly go back to discussing the Nigerian effort to 're-brand' and start a conversation on Nigerian 'Jazz'. I hope you will swing by to share your thoughts and knowledge.

Please watch this clip from 2006. It was made to 'sell' Abuja, Nigeria's capital, as a modern city and celebrate its 30th anniversary. It was sent to me by a reader and made for good viewing. Enjoy.

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11 Curiosities. Add Yours.:

Oz said...

Why is the narrator in the video speaking like that. annoying.

Hana Njau-Okolo said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

webround said...

the first thing i noticed was the narrator's voice. it was quite refreshing to hear a speech where the speaker was not imitating a foreign accent (as most newscasters do making themselves totally incoherent).

if you ignore the satelite towns, abuja is a beautiful city. i lived in central area/wuse. during that time, i 4got about lagos traffic, i opened the taps at home and water ran. in the evenings, i took strolls around the tarred and flower lined streets. i could afford to sleep late knowing that if i left home at 7.30 am, i would still be in the office latest by you can't do that today in lagos even if you live in ikoyi and work in v/i.

my major quarell with abuja is the lack of a rail system. the govt says they plan to build one but i think it should have been done at an earlier stage. a rail system will drastically reduce the problem encountered by those driving into work in the city from the satelite towns.

also whilst el rufai's demolitions may have been controversial to some, there is no gainsaying that it helped to maintain the masterplan of abuja

Unknown said...

A very interesting presentation...Like it.
I've been to the city a couple of times. And the serenity always trip me. Is a place I can relocate to. My beef there is only the weather and is expensive.
Congrats on ur award.. keep the flag flying...

webround said...

in btw, i came across this news article about the American Treasury secretary flying coach. Joe Biden, the American VP used to take the train everyday whilst he was still a senator.

I compare these two images with those of Nigerian Congress members, and there is a world of difference

sokari said...

Hey congrats again - seriously NC is seriously deserving!

? said...

Thanks for the video.

? said...

More ayetoro here

Sugabelly said...

Yay!! I'm a top commenter!!!

*Does rain dance around broken laptop*

LG said...

werrinnnnnnnnnn! where ma name????? :-)
congrats dear'

Spesh said...

Yay me!!!
I am a double top commenter....
how? I am #19 and #23,thx...

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