Saturday, March 14, 2009

From now on, I want to take a moment on Saturdays to thank all of Nigerian Curiosity's visitors and particularly, commenters. So, thank you for taking the time to not only read, and for those who shared their thoughts with us, thank you, as well. (Please see below for a list of the week's commenters).

I am also immensely grateful to Oz of whose post 'Economics of Nollywood: Price' quickly beat out the typically popular Patrick Obahiagbon post to become the 4th most viewed article at this site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Oz for finding the time to write an incredible piece that just might inspire a series on the Economics of Nollywood. I hope you and everyone else is ready to somewhat tackle the important issues surrounding Nollywood on this site.

On tap for discussion next week are the following topics,

  1. Yar'Adua's 'INEC' Decision
  2. Femi Otedola
And of course another post to be culled from the week's Nigerian headlines.

Finally, I leave you with a new commercial from Nigerian hero and football superstar, Nwankwo Kanu. Apart from the fact that it features his adorable son, I fondly remember using Peak milk (the product being advertised) when I was a child.

And the commenters of the week are:
  2. Onyeka
  3. Sugabelly
  4. Oz
  5. Standtall
  6. For The Love Of Me
  7. Jinta
  8. N.I.M.M.O.
  9. Ayodele Alofe
  10. Nonesuch
  11. Lost At The End
  12. Latifa
  13. Oga
  14. Akin
  15. NigeriaPolitricks.Com
  16. Tayo
  17. STAN
  18. Beauty
Thank you all.

Have a blessed and safe weekend.

Hattip to my very good friend Dr. for the headsup on the commercial and all the other juicy tidbits.

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Anonymous said...

Madam SSD -- How come I no dey the list? Partial dey this thing o!

joicee said...

lol @ Danny

First off...Kanu's son is ├╝ber cute

I really appreciate this blog. This is where I get my feed on politics in Nigeria and in Africa...Nigerian Curiosity will go places ... I can feel it. Keep it up.

Reparto corse n. 6 said...

i can't stay out of this happening in your nice site, thanx and ciao
anthony , italy

Anonymous said...

Aw, I am touched, thank you SSD. So, you only took pak milk as a kid. What of as adult you dont take milk or you dont just do peak (lol). Just being curious for the cat in me and for being on Nigerian Curiosity


@ Danny: You were left off the list? Oh my. I apologize profusely and will update to ensure that you are duly included. =)

Hope your weekend is going well.

@ Joicee: Kanu's son is just the cutest, isn't he? Thanks for the kind words re: the blog! And, if you are yet to vote, please make your way over to the Naija Bloggers Award site and cast a couple votes in my favor, please.

@ Reparto corse n. 6: Thanks Anthony, for the kind words! How are things in Italy?

@ Madam Standtall: My sister, no more Peak milk in my diet oh! lol! I am strictly a soy milk drinker and have been for about 9 years. But, I still have fond memories of Peak milk being added to my Milo.

Did you see the BBC story on the ladies you interviewed? I left a link for you in the post at your site.

Anonymous said...

@Madam SSD -- Thank u o jare!!! Haha in full CAPS too.... *Doing a small wackojacko-esq shuffle* That peak milk was the ultimate milk o.. Only that now that I've become old, i've been told I have lactose intolereance!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well hello there. I will be stopping by more often. Thanks again for the well wishes on my anniversary. :-) said...

Funny how I can never reconcile Nwankwo's voice to his personality! Wow...I heard English is not his forte and this is the first time I heard him speak and he has some colorful accent there. Boy I tell you! LOL!!!!!

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