Friday, April 24, 2009

Given that Nigeria's music industry requires artists to make party music in order to make money, I am always pleasantly surprised to discover musicians who use their craft to make statements about the state of Nigeria. Like Timaya's 'Dem Mama' and Sound Sultan's 'Bushmeat' (previously feature don this site), H-Man has created a wonderful gem called 'Uwadiwe'. 

"Naija, the land of good, bad and ugly..."
I have been advised that 'Uwadiwe' means "the world makes one angry" (or something similar) in Igbo. The video makes use of commentary from average Nigerians expressing their frustrations about the nation's state of affairs and weaves in statements from previous Heads of State. It is just a brief look into the way many Nigerians are feeling about the country and the need for positive change.
Considering the backlash Eedris Abdulsalam received from the government when he put out his own political statement, "Jaga, Jaga", I hope that this song will not be banned by authorities. It is crucial for Nigerians to hear this expression of the Nigerian condition, so as to encourage more discussion of not just problems but potential solutions.

"[A]s long as we continue to sanction the inadequate behavior of those responsible for our welfare and the future of our unborn children, we will continue to wail, cry and complain. Let us continue to encourage our people to want more from their representatives, to expect more from themselves. We too can live better, more satisfactory lives. That too should be the right of every African, no? But until a majority believe it and demand it, hopefully, peacefully..."

- 'SolomonSydelle'

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Spesh said...

Thats interesting.....
Just heard about the melanin-milk products alert.
thought you might be in a better position to give a comprehensive post on

The Activist said...

I like the ending of this post. And we will keep demanding cuz it's our right!

Omo Oba said...

We would not stop asking for more. Thanks for the info SSD, I am loving sound sultan.

RE Ausetkmt said...

it's time, certainly it's time.
stand strong and united against tyrants
regaredless of who they are and what
they promise.

tyrants only bring tyranny.

Nice Video I'll be featuring it real soon with a linkback to you sweets.

.. said...

I can't believe I'm only just seeing this video! It's amazing the kind of things Nigerians go through, only hoping for some positive change, knowing at the back of their minds, nobody with the power to make the change is actually making an effort to do so. Like Obasanjo said in one of the clips in the video.."maybe the slogan of life more abundant [by] some of our politicians should be replaced [by] work more efficiently"
I like the song/ video. Its shows the grimy realities from the perspective of the "common Nigerian" in a passionate way.

Nigeria Music Movement said...

Looking forward to see more music work from H-Man

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