Saturday, April 18, 2009

This week proved to be interesting and started off on a positive note looking at the upcoming broadband explosion Africa will experience. Things soon turned comical with the discovery that an individual, posing as Isa Yuguda, the subject of "Yar'Adua's Handpicked Successor?" was playing a good game.

Nevertheless, it was fun while it lasted and without further ado, I thank the following readers for taking the time to join the discussions of the week.

  1. Mola OG
  2. Mama Shujaa
  3. George Araali
  4. Denford
  5. naijagirl
  6. Danny Bagucci
  7. Femi B
  8. Zach
  9. Lotanna
  10. tobenna
  11. Adaeze
  12. AnyaPosh
  13. Squiggle
  14. Onyeka
  15. Ms. SpicyTee
  16. STAN
  17. sugabelly
  18. A
  19. Fanny
  20. 9ja_Kuti
  21. I Refuse to be Conventional
  22. My World
  23. Lost at The End
  24. baraal
  26. Doja 2.0
  27. N.I.M.M.O
  28. Beauty
  29. corruption1
  30. Nairobian Perspective
And, as discussed in a recent post, D'Banj's reality show, 'Koko Mansion' is set to start on June 1st, 2009. According to the information provided by producers, a "Kokolette" is
"“Fully endowed woman with intellectual property” likened to the “Betty Irabor’s” and “Nike Oshinowo’s” of today."

The winner will receive many prizes -
  1. A Chris Aires Diamond ring,
  2. N5million
  3. A brand new convertible car
  4. the winner will be D’Banjs Kokolette for one full year and will be his companion at public events both within and outside Nigeria.
Unfortunately, American based fans and the merely curious will be unable to watch this show. It will air in Nigeria on HITV and in the UK on SKY Channel 204.
Should be interesting nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for this African broadband explosion. I don't know if its the same in Naija but in Kenya, the net for the most part is quite expensive and slow when compared with the West and for the sake of Internet commerce, I am glad that is changing soon.......

The Displaced African

Denford said...

Thanks for the appreciation again. I would certainly love to know more about this impostor who was playing a good game, I am afraid right now that one goes straight over my head!


@ Mwangi: long time no see. How are things. The internet is expensive in Africa in comparison to almost anywhere else, unfortunately. But the promise of broadband is that it will make access more affordable and achievable.

@ Denford: The imposter is "Dr. Isa Yuguda 4 President", you can reach his page from the above post. How are things?

plastiQ said...

I saw the ad. for Dbanj's reality show on a couple of blogs and then somebody called me about posting it on my blog. I denied that request. Sometimes I think we need to draw the line. I doubt if there will be any sane way of running that show without it coming out like that crazy show : FLAVOUR OF LOVE.

Before I pass any judgement though, I think I'll just fold my hands and hear/see what the several Women Emancipation Groups have to say. This should be interesting.

Hana Njau-Okolo said...

Solomonsydelle, Thank you so much for the appreciation. I thoroughly enjoy coming here.

Anonymous said...

hi, is a long awaited opportunity to see powerful and intellectual Nigeria or Africa women be at the apex of any position. no be God!

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