Monday, June 29, 2009

Despite the issues I have with this administration, I try to acknowledge when something good comes out of Nigeria's government.
At a recent conference, Nigeria's Foreign Minister, Ojo Maduekwe, made the following statement,
"please don't criminalize Nigerians even if they left Nigeria without adequate papers. They are working hard in your economy, they are adding value to your economy, regularize their papers,"
"If a Nigerian is working hard in London, Sweden, United States or any other country but doesn't have papers, give him his papers after all that is a typical case of using diplomacy. Most Nigerians are honest and hard working people. I think I am sick and tired of this criminalization of my countrymen because this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world,"
I am happy to hear someone, anyone, say something good about Nigerians. Some Nigerian officials have no problem disrespecting Nigerians by not only ignoring the people's needs but speaking of them disparagingly like IBB did in 2007. So when a Nigerian official speaks up for the people, he deserves a little spotlight.

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Onyeka said...

Isn't this the same joker who said that the children being tortured/labelled as witches in the East were lying? And wasn't he also the same person that said gay people dont exist in nigeria?

The man's an idiot. So as much as he made a tiny bit of sense in that comment, I still can't think any good of him.

nanijoe said...

Get your facts straight.. He said he did not know of any Gay groups in Nigeria, which the media turned into "there are no gay people in Nigeria" because it fits the view they want to project of Africans.
Ojo, is many things, stupid is not one of them

tobenna said...

I agree with nanijoe.
The fella is definitely not stupid.
Psychotic probably :P
I dont think he's doing a bad job of the external affairs ministry though.

Beauty said...

"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist." - Dom Hélder Câmara

Our Foreign Minister's "please don't criminalize Nigerians even if they left Nigeria without adequate papers" does not make sense. Why are our people fleeing a land filled with milk and honey? Human Rights Watch released a report citing that the behavior of Nigerian government officials is marked by “corruption and violence” in 2007. Politicians recruited violent gangs to offer assistance in their political campaigns by rigging elections, and terrorizing political opponents. Could this be a reason?

Fast forward to 2009 as Trafficking in Persons estimated that 12.3 million people worldwide are victims. The report described human trafficking as “a crime that deprives people of their human rights and freedoms, increases global heath risks, fuels growing networks of organized crime, and can sustain levels of poverty and impede development in certain areas.”

Ojo Maduakwe and others should be looking at the root causes of these issues rather than turning our people into victims of sexual slavery, forced labour, and organ theft, at a time where demand for cheap labour, services, and even human organs is on the rise. Click this to see Nigeria's position in the current map.

NneomaMD said...

i have to agree with Onyeka, though qualify Onyeka's point with nanijoe's point about the media spin.

i have blogged about maduekwe and his statements before (re China-Nigeria relations and child witches) and as one can tell, i am not his biggest fan. but i guess even maduekwe can have his good moments. however, i can't help but think that his goodwill towards nigerian diasporans comes from the fact that his own children are amongst the hardworking Nigerians abroad. one would ordinarily expect a politician to lament about the loss of Nigerian talent to the West...

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