Friday, June 26, 2009

Ayodeji Omotade, the Nigerian man whose protest of the inhumane treatment of a fellow passenger, led to Brutish Airways throwing over 130 Nigerians off a flight, has now been vindicated. Sued by Brutish Airways in 2008, a court recently cleared him of all charges.

When the initial incident occurred, a boycott of Brutish Airways was initiated and I actually suggested a more stringent long term approach to truly impress upon the Brutes and other similar institutions that Nigerians, and in fact any group of people, are not to be treated with disrespect. In spite the boycott, a peaceful protest, empty sanction threats by the Nigerian government and a half hearted 'apology' by a Brutish Airways spokesman the Brutes went ahead to sue Omotade.

Thankfully, the legal system saw the suit for what it truly was - bullying. The airline complained that Omotade Ayodeji Omotade was "a "catalyst" for other complaints". Witnesses for Brutish Airways even went as far as alleging that Omotade behaved like a "raging bull", one can only wonder why they would make such an assertion. The Judge in the case rightfully determined that he simply made a "forcible but polite complaint".

Personally, I hope that Omotade will sue the airline for wasting his time. I also hope he will be reimbursed for the inconvenience of his maltreatment and the harm this unnecessary suit did to his reputation. An actual apology from Brutish Airways would also do a world of good. However, I am sure the brutes will fight tooth and nail to not have to do the right thing.

Hattip to Sokari of Blacklooks who has stayed in touch with Mr. Omotade and who kindly contacted him directly on my behalf to confirm the Court's verdict when it initially happened.

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Anonymous said...

Its one little victory... but noteworthy nonetheless.... Perhaps the Judiciary is the final hope for the common man anywhere in the world!

P.S. Your dollars and danger video is 'discriminating' against us non US residents o!

webround said...

here in the States, people have sued for less. but even if he doesn't sue, it's one victory for him

Anonymous said...

thanks for this - I have to add that Ayo is one of the most open, kind, honest loving guys I have had the pleasure of meeting!

Sokari Ekine

Unknown said...

I just discovered this site and I must say, I am extremely impressed! The comments are generally logical, thought-provoking, intelligent conversations and sincere hopes to make our Nigeria a better place.

I wish the Mr. Omotade would sue. It would show "Brutish Airways" that they can no longer force their colonial mentality on paying customers. I have chosen never to fly british airways - I SPEAK WITH MY WALLET!

It was however very disheartening to see the way our government reacted when the initial story of the maltreatment of Mr. Omotade broke. Even worse was the comments made by my then co-workers and colleagues. They did not want to speak up or join in a boycott because "God forbid, they get banned for life on BA"

Imagine the rage I felt? These same people pledging allegiance to BA would not fight in the same vein to protect Nigeria's honor. It’s a real shame they way our people still act like "Uncle Toms" and can't seem to get over their individualistic selfish goals for collective prosperity.

Anonymous said...

I thought i left a comment on this yesterday.

I just wanted to say that i am glad to see this outcome. I can't believe they actually brought a case against him. Didn't they humiliate him enough the first time?

NneomaMD said...

thank you for keeping us posted SSD!

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