Saturday, June 20, 2009

For those who were unable to catch the showing of "Dollars and Danger: Africa, the Final Investment Frontier" on CNBC, please feel free to watch the entire program, with limited advertising below.

Also, check out my reviews of the program and ensuing discussion -
- Part 1
- Part 2

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Sugabelly said...



Agegelabs said...

Thats great!

It seems peeps (like me) outside the US won't be able to watch this as hulu is still a US only service ;(

Codrin Arsene said...

Thanks for posting the link to this movie. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Can you pls post another link as it dosent show outside the us and it would be on us tv anyway.


guerreiranigeriana said...

...i can't see it as i am outside the country...hopefully i can find it somewhere else...

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