Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 Curiosities. Add Yours.:

NaijaBabe said...

For the love of God! Is this how we foster rebranding and redevelopment?

Sugabelly said...

I am SO not watching that. I saw the video thumbnail. Are you kidding me? I'll barf all over my laptop. Imagination is bad enough.

Here's the question for you though:

Why was Yar Adua so quick to send the JTF into the South to murder people but failed completely to send the army into Bauchi until everyone was already dead?

Could it be that:

a. Bauchi is in the North
b. The Islamist fanatics were well.. just that ISLAMIST fanatics
c. The Islamist fanatics were demanding Sharia Law?

Surprise surprise Mr. President, surprise surprise.

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