Friday, July 3, 2009

The Nigerian president's political party, the People's Democractic Party (PDP), has publicly accused the Obama administration of seeking to destabilize Yar'Adua's rule. According to the PDP, the US Embassy plans to meet with pro-democracy groups and that those groups will seek to convince Obama that Yar'Adua's presidency is "illegitimate". The party warned the United States not to,
"promote the evil plans of these unpatriotic politicians against a democratically elected government as such would raise questions about its respect for the sovereignty of other countries and the international doctrine of non-interference in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations."
This is not the first time that the PDP has slung accusations at political opponents, as was the case in 2008 when they accused other political parties of treason. Such reckless and unsupported talk from the PDP weakens the quest for peaceful democracy in Nigeria and places in question their commitment to working for the people and not their personal needs. Furthermore, such accusations could create an unnecessary international tension between the Nigerian and American governments. Additionally, the language in this accusation is very reminiscent of the Abacha years, when the dictator also made brash statements demanding non-interference in the nation's affairs.

This incident also reflects what is becoming a recurring refrain, that President Yar'Adua is weak. Clearly, his inability to prevent his political party from making such statements against an ally only reinforces the perception of ineptitude. And, that further calls into question any and all decisions or indecisions, attributed to his administration in its 2 years of power. For the sake of the Office of the President and in fact, Nigeria's diplomatic relations, it will be crucial to limit the PDP's public and international microphone. The PDP and Yar'Adua must not forget that Nigeria is the United State's largest trading partner in sub-saharan Africa, and the U.S. is home to a growing number of Nigerians in the diaspora. The U.S. is also the largest foreign investor in the country. In these unsure economic times, Nigeria's leaders should be cautious when they bite those from whom they make a lot of their side money.

There is no need for the PDP or any political party to sling mud at anyone. The only thing necessary is for those elected by the people to work for the people instead of failing to show up to work as required (the Senate), or failing to pass more than 8 bills in one legislative session (the House of Representatives).  Individual Nigerians are going above and beyond to achieve incredible things, and they deserve 'leaders' that do not stand in the way of their progress with such remarks.

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Sugabelly said...

read my tweet on this

Onyeka said...

Not that I needed more proof that our government, including PDP is overrun with retards and morons, but this ... well. Sigh.

Is it 2011 yet? Someone needs to get rid of Yar'Adua and his mess of a party.

NneomaMD said...

As much as I am a proponent of "friends don't let friends vote PDP," I think that as a party it has every right to criticize the actions of the nation's visitors including heads of state such as Obama. Also as a political party they also have the prerogative to speak indepenently of their leaders. American Democrats, to the chagrin of the Obama fan club, have openly criticized some Obama moves and policies. That is the beauty of democracy - the right to beg to differ. Lastly I don't feel that America's position as our largest foreign investor should ever influence the opinions of Nigerian politicians or it's citizenry. So in essence I elf have to say kudos to PDP for standing up against the powerhouse that is the Obama personality...

Cee said...

Interseting Nnneoma, I did think that America's position as largest foreign investor should not influence the opinions of Nigerians too, just because it could also swing the other way. I.e. we become subservient to them to the detriment of Nigeria's welfare. As a nation, we ought to be objective and always place highest value on the welfare of our citizens...over and above the interests of any foreign countries or even our own so-called leaders.

However, I am not so sure what the basis of PDP's critisms are. We all know how PDP operates, they are not exactly a beacon on integrity. They do not know how to handle the truth and they may be reacting to the fact that the Obama admin. is not pandering to their nonsense. In that case, and only in that case, I rather they kept their silent instead of speaking and exposing sheer foolery.

plastiQQ said...

@Nneoma: The PDP are not tryna stand up against the Obama powerhouse; they are always trying to silence any opposing voices. I understand when you say they have the right to criticize; but their intentions are being (mis)guided by a potent fear of being brought under scrutiny.

The PDP is full of corrupt, jittery cliques of sodomites and occultic Nigerians. My thinking is DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. And if we, as Nigerians do not stand up to them; it means we do not deserve any better than we have right now.

Akin said...

Hello SolomonS,

I am amused the Persistently Demented Pogrom is fearful that pro-democracy groups are trying to "convince" Obama of the "illegitimacy" of the Yar'Adua regime.

No greater delusion of grandeur can have befallen a troubling of goldfish than to realise that everyone can see the fish are in the bowl with no hiding place.

Beyond that, we all know that the PDP has perfected the art of bluster and megalomania, they attack anything to assert their existence and really in their search for recognition eliciting a put-down from US would more than burnish their egos.

This culture of bacteria infesting the country and blown abroad by the idiocy of such statements is very very unhealthy for Nigeria.



Anonymous said...

So, the US Ambassador attends a function at which some AC, ANPP members are present (probably PDP was not invited, for obvious reasons) and suddenly Obama is trying to 'destablize Yaradua's government'.

The illegitimacy of Yardy's government was declared by Yardy himself on 29 May 2007. What more convincing does Obama need? As if Obama needs that for anything.

Obviously, the PDP PR people need to earn their salaries as they have been quiet for too long.

Or perhaps, something is about to happen.


Sugabelly said...

You know what? Maybe I would have been sympathetic, MAYBE but Yardy accuses ANYTHING that moves of trying to destabilize his administration.

And what is worse is that he uses those SAME WORDS every single time.

Yar Adua should get a life. If his administration was doing what they were supposed to be doing and turn it around they wouldn't have to live in constant fear of destabilization.

He KNOWS that his administration is rubbish and that's why he has the time to be looking around like a vulture accusing every Femi, Emeka, and Bello of destabilizing his administration.

Of all the legions of people that HATE Obama in America and that have actively and publicly acknowledged that they despise him and want him impeached have you EVER heard Obama waking up in the morning to come and say that his political detractors are trying to destabilize his administration?

Abeg YarAdua should go and sit down before I put my foot up his ass. You'd think that someone that became president through fraudulent means would at least have the common sense to keep a low profile, but this idiot we are forced to call President is all balls.

Destabilize his administration my foot. YarAdua can call me when even Abuja has constant electricity for 24 full hours and THEN he can talk about his administration.

Nonsense and ingredient.

Sugabelly said...

*I meant to say "and turning the country around"

FIGE said...

@EVERYONE: well said! Is the PDP suppose to make public accusations?.... even to the American Government. These political parties have lost touch with a lot of reasons. They just keep confirming to the world that NIGERIA is governed by a bunch of KIDS.. who dont know when to keep quiet and listen. I am happy that every day they keep saying things,or doing all sorts that make me believe that somehow we need help. There was a time a thought GOVERNMENT would solve our problems....but i have come to realize that they are the problems.

FIGE said...

i meant "i thought"

NneomaMD said...

Like i said, I am just as disillusioned with PDP (and other Nigerian political parties for that matter) as the rest of you. I also do believe that Yar'adua ascendancy to the throne was largely undemocratic. I have voiced criticisms against the PDP severally, including on my blog. Additionally, I agree with this post and many of you that the PDP is run by some of the least favorable people in my book who are motivated by their own concerns rather than that of the people. However, I do remain concerned about statements such as this, " will be crucial to limit the PDP's public and international microphone..." I know the argument is a bit simple and idealistic on my part, but I believe that all Nigerians, whether deemed evil or good, should have the right to speak on their own behalf and defend their positions. If PDP believes that Obama's visit of the opposition party is an unstabilising force - they are entitled to their opinions. And if ANPP and their counterparts wish set a precedent by which Nigerian politicians seek international intervention against a sitting government then, that too, is their prerogative. And if you as a Nigerian citizen/diasporan wish to side with either one of these groups - more power to you. But to suggest that any one of these parties should be quietened, that would seem a bit undemocratic.

As for talks between ANPP etc and Obama, I remain skeptical of its effectiveness. As SSD has mentioned in the past, America will look out for its own. Obama will look out for his own - the United States of America. Forgive me for my cynicism, but to think that Obama would react to such talks in a manner that would actually threaten Yar'adua's throne (note throne, not presidency) at the risk of American investments in Nigeria is a nearly impossible. America has already made an attempt at nation-building - and look at the disastrous consequences. I am afraid that America will largely maintain its Cold-War era-like stance towards Africa (of course, not as blatantly) in which it will remain unwilling to physically rock to boat of African heads of state who torment their people but maintain American interests.

Yes, Nigeria is not an island and needs to engage in the larger global political discourse. But the practice of looking Westward has failed us time and time again. Yes, Yar'adua tenure as president was and remain a huge injustice to the Nigerian public. But I also believe that our overreliance on foreign parties to solve domestic issues could potentially be just as destabilising.

NneomaMD said...

forgive me of my numerous grammatical and spelling errors....feeling a bit feverish this evening....but now that I think of it, even if i wasn't I probably would have continued to make such errors. Again, I am not, at this point in time, pro-PDP...

Beauty said...

Clearly, his inability to prevent his political party from making such statements against an ally only reinforces the perception of ineptitude.

A lot of comments here, perhaps PDP is trying to bury some bad news. I have never shared a lot of people’s optimistic outlook for Nigeria in the face of issues like this one. What will it take to educate those ruining the image of our country? PDP as a great brand for Nigeria is possible but the cash burn makes it impractical.

How do we help educate those in PDP on world views? Nigeria needs its relationship with the USA and the rest of the World but coming out with such trash will not improve on our already badboy image. Goodwill is all that is required and we must continue to debate this until they get the message.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think there is nowadays a global paranoia, sneaking around and particularly hitting those leaders who know their position has been grabbed in a more or less illegitimate way... ?

- Gato Giallo (from Facebook)

Anonymous said...

PDP is already doing a fine job of making the Nigerian democracy a crock of shiat, so all these noisemakers should shut up.

- Kpakpando (from FaceBook)

Spesh said...

I am short of words at this crazy outburst of this government.......
The country is at a standstill right now and they r talkn abt this???
Almost all major sectors r on strike and they are worryd by Obama's refusal to visit the collapsing system that they are not making efforts to fix!!!

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