Friday, July 10, 2009

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Spesh said...

Is it just me or is the sound a bit faulty?
Most importantly,I concur with the rule of law basis he put across and it reminds us of why he aint visitn naija.
thanks for sharing,SSD!

Anonymous said...

Although Ghana is relatively small, they do things the right way and the basic things are ususally in place like electricity, good roads. This is what i believe will build them up, and it would be interesting to see how they would be in the next 10, 15 yrs.


Anonymous said...

Was that my president...??sheesh

Beauty said...

S, this is so good you repeated the video twice, excellent coup by AllAfrica.com but shame about the annoying ads and bad cookies on its website. Good people, Great nation, Bad leaders as a brand makes no sense. From Libya through Nigeria to South Africa, African leadership sucks is a reason 100s million people are still fighting over a few billions dollars. Imagine Africa slapped a $47Trillion corruption, pollution and mineral rights levy on the rest of the planet, how would those foolish and ignorant leaders use the money? Swiss Banks, Otta Farms or Luxury cars are probably the limitation of their imagination. Obama has been direct, sorry Africans, your leaders are stupid!

Dee said...

“Obama has been direct, sorry Africans, your leaders are stupid!”
Ouch!!! That’s a sharp knife Madam…

Kai! It’s a tough pill to swallow but the ugliness of truths like this cannot be denied. Granted, many African leaders cannot be considered as stupid (dim witted, if I must say), pleaseee permit me here I’m generalizing. But their ignorance, lack of innovation, lack of direction, unending corruption AND the inability to lead Africa away from the aftermath of colonization has left Africans…where?

A friend’s FB status today reads: I heard lots of silent 'like in nigeria' in Obama's speech to the ghanian parliament....i love NAIJA.....but the truth is bitter and it hurts badly

All I can do is “Sigh”

FIGE said...


Orgindex said...

Barack Obama the best variant of the president for America. Soon elections and I will necessarily vote for it. Whatever spoke, but Barack one of the most influential figures in the world.

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