Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not too long ago, a Nigerian traveling to Europe documented a power outage at Murtala Mohamed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. The outage was in the terminal and based on the description given by the gentleman filming, individuals were boarding planes in darkness.

And now, it has been reported that a fire department at the same airport recently went for hours without electricity. The fire department is located next to the Presidential wing of the airport.

It goes without saying that power outages at an airport are unacceptable. They create security concerns and put the life and welfare of air travelers in jeopardy. Considering that groups like Boko Haram and MEND have used violence to make their presence known, any lapses especially at a soft target such as an international airport suggest a failure to understand the measures needed to prevent unnecessary catastrophes. Hopefully, with the promised increases in power generation planned for the end of 2009, such repeats of electricity outages at Nigeria's airports will become a thing of the past.

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NaijaBabe said...

NO NO NO!!!!

brap said...

This is an example of the basic more pressing issues. LIght up Nigeria and for Christ's sake let her stay lit!

Anya Posh said...

That is the most depressing thing I've seen all day! What a shame! SHAME ON YOU, NIGERIA. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. And yeah, I said it. How can a whole global 6th largest producer of OIL & GAS (ENERGY for chrissakes) lack basic light in an International airport? It's stupid and illogical.

SHAME on you DORA with your Rebranding Agenda. YOU ARE A HOAX!

And Shame on you Minister of Energy - you are irrelevant.

And Shame on you PHCN Chairman. You can't even play eye-service for the international community. You are useless.

Akin said...


I used to live beside the MMA which was just about 2 kilometres away with a wall between us,

It was easy to sense what was going on in Nigeria just by observing the airport and traffic.

We were thankfully not in the flight path and the sound of planes coming in was like that of muffled lorries.

Many a time the lights at the airport were out and the radar gear some 500 metres from our house was rarely operational.

This was the late 80s, I am not entirely surprised by this news but it is just so unacceptable in an event.



Dee said...

This isn’t strange at all! Security concern? The dangers of living in darkness is a daily reality show that plays on Nigerian lives. Errr This IS the actual daily reality and ‘NORMAL’ life of every Nigerian…it's simply masked by the electricity provided by generators.

If we had no generators many parts of Nigeria would be in complete darkness. Abi, how many of you at home in Nigeria have uninterrupted power supply?

So there was no diesel? No light! Shikena!

What is wrong is that we as Nigerians (ok, I’ll point the finger at the ‘Government’…whoever that is) unfortunately are still yet to solve the rocket science of providing us with uninterrupted power supply…we know the technology and finance is available…So one wonders what is lacking to get it right? Hmm?

So, we’ll continue to live with power provided by generators, sometimes supplemented with PHCN…and promises…everyday, everywhere including the International Airport...

@ Anya P, very well said! NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE!

Azazel said...

this is so depressing like forreal..
I can understand not havin light in the main houses etc, but @ an airport? Come on now

Omo Oba said...

Lol @ "which way to D32?," "take like this".

So if someone other than a Nigerian did this, then we will have the roar and cries from Akunluyi and company, and of course, all their uncles and aunts. Please, it is things like this that we need...that show the action of the madness, and I mean MADNESS of it all. Things that will make us angry, angry enough to strive for more. Angry enough to demand for more. Nigeria, we will cover our faces in shame, dry our tears up and pick ourselves up. Come ABC20/20, Come Oprah, Come District 9, come rain or shine, we know that this kind of life is not enough! And we refuse to settle for less.

Omosi Thisgirl said...

Nonsense! It's when they take out some official because of lax security, abi that's when their collective eyes go clear. Sha, it's Naija!

Unknown said...

Ours is a story that has dragged on for too long hence, has lost meaning and has stopped making sense. How does one start learning to use the left hand at old age? As precarious as our situation seems, I still believe in Nigeria! We will get there someday.

Noooo! Power just went out!!! Arrrrrghhhhhhhhh!

io said...

i experienced this as well back in january 2009. but it came on when it was time to board. yes same terminal, same gate. i try to look at the positives but for the most part the negatives shows its face at the worst of places...

TheAfroBeat said...

Have to echo all that's been said. Unacceptable, outrage, God help those who depend on the Nigerian government for safety, welfare, amenities.

Makes me wonder why the rich and/or corrupt can't see that no matter how rich they become, they're still going to have to go through the same basic problems the average nigerian goes through as a result of government neglect and lack of accountability - senseless traffic (bad roads), flooding (caused by poor planning), power outages at airports, etc...

It's in our collective best interest to work to fix these problems.

bodrum otelleri said...

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