Friday, January 15, 2010

In 2003, Nigerians were deemed the "Happiest People in the World", a title they happily accepted and have held onto ever since. Keeping in line with that, it seems Nigerians are using comedy to deal with the fallout from Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab terrorist attempt on Christmas Day, 2009.

The following is a tongue in cheek reflection on what Nigerian travelers will go through with security to travel to the United States.

And another one using the Blackberry -

And, another video clip created by Gbenga Sesan uses Hitler to question the rationality of Nigeria's inclusion on the "Terror Prone" list by the U.S., and mention some positive aspects about Nigeria and Nigerians.

At some point, all people try to use comedy to deal with their issues. Clearly, Nigerians are no exception.

What do you think about the clips and picture above? Do you find them funny? Or, do you think they are inappropriate given the serious issues they involve? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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AliceDCL said...

i think its d right attitude
we kow its a serious issue but without a useful government what can we do, so we are handling it d best way we know how

Anonymous said...

This sort of issue is noticeable, but it's a shock to me that especially an African did this!! What is your opinion?

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Asabe said...

I saved the picture of the Blackberry O! It just made my evening,wallahi! Laughter is VERY good medicine, QED.

Hana Njau-Okolo said...

Humour has always played a role in a society's capturing of the slices of life. What is Saturday Night Life all about? Indeed Shakespeare wrote satires and tragedies that captured imaginations and moved a people, one way or the other.

F said...

Humour has always been a helpful coping mechanism... It's the same way Chris Rock had a show heavily influenced by the war on terror after 9/11... Can't remember specifics... Using humour isn't making light of the situation, it's just a means of coping with it.

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