Friday, January 8, 2010

This is 2010, by Sound Sultan. Sound Sultan has been featured before at Nigerian Curiosity for his politically conscious music. With this tune, 2010, he calls for Nigerians to "Rise Up" and demand electricity, using the well recognized "LightUpNaija" call.

"We've been living in the darkness for too long."
In my opinion, it is definitely time for the people to take more control of what happens in their own country and stop allowing a small minority, be it scammers, violent criminals or corrupt and inept officials, to determine an entire people's fate. Furthermore, considering the fact that the current administration promised the generation of 6000MW by December 2009, a promise the administration and President failed to accomplish, it is definitely time to for Nigerians to hold their officials accountable for these glaring failures. The upcoming elections of 2011 will give Nigerians an opportunity to elect officials that will be held accountable if they fail to perform as expected.

So, without further ado, enjoy Sound Sultan's 2010 featuring MI.

"2010 don come"

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Parakeet said...

Yea I've always loved Lanre's music and I think MI is just genius. This is a good one. I hope it gets heard in the right places.

Happy new year.

Olu Mide said...

I miss Fela like crazy...

Man shall not live by money, jewellery and women alone but by the socially-conscious lyricism of the likes of Sound Sultan, MI and 2Face...keep it up guys!

Let's light up Naija 4 shizzle!

- Nemz

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